Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Campfire on the front porch

The boys decided to make a campfire on the porch today, only instead of finding logs and sticks in the woods, they just used what was readily available- the furniture. This is not a joke. They really were doing this, pretending to have a campfire. It's a good think they didn't have any fire, the children would have been burned as well. James later threw his boots on the "fire" to add more to the pile. We, of course, made them put it all back when we discovered the fun. Mean old parents! Posted by Picasa


CoolBeans said...

O.K. You said the boys. Amy says it is Jonathan and James. I say it was Jeff and James. So who are the cute little boys playing in the rubble?

Jane T. said...

It was all three of them. But I only got a picture of James and Jeff with the "campfire". Jeff is wearing the red jacket.