Thursday, June 22, 2006

The New Release

Some of you might think this is going to be some review of the new movie, "Cars". While I did go see it and it is awesome and I can't wait for the children to see it, this is about a different motorized item.

Future Projections: We are announcing the beginning productions of Aldrich Model 2007 due to be on the floor in February of 2007. Some of the upgrade features we hope to include are the super sonic quiet motor, a new air purifying system, ultra efficient emmissons and exhaust manafold, and easy listening music in the background. This model is predicted to need, use and emit less gas than any other previous design.

In addition, I hope that this ride will be extremely comfortable, with superb suspension as other models that have been tested in the past were known to make me quite car sick.

In short, I hope you will all mark your calendars for the end of February/first of March to come by and see our newest upgrade, and you can revisit the older models as well to check out their feature qualities.

We are still soliciting suggestions for additional special features to add to project. Let us know if you have a bright idea!

For those of you who are confused about this post- please feel free to proclaim your ignorance and I will explain.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Frank and Roy

Here is an accurate picture of the results Frank and Roy got from their program and I am hoping for equally dramatic results, though more feminine. Oh, and I know the artist personally who did this pen and ink drawing. Posted by Picasa

Eat, Drink, and Be Sweaty

My latest venture is in the area of exercise. Amy, my sister, and I have been trying to get some regular exercise incorporated into our daily routine. After seeing my brothers results with their program, (pictures to follow) I was sold on the one they use and thanks to Grandmama, we got it right away. We're using Power90, a program put out by . It's a great workout that mixes cardio, weight training, and ab workout without the confussion of dance steps. The exercises are more military in style rather than incorporated into a routine. We do push ups, curls, crunches, presses, squats, ect. So far we've done 5 out of the 6 days we were suppose to do. The one morning I missed I slept in to catch up on lost sleep in the middle of the night due to a sick husband. Anyway, there are two videos that we alternate between and the first two days I was just standing there most of the time with my jaw on the floor desperately hoping that I wouldn't really have to do what they just told me to do, but once I got into it, I found that I could get through more of the exercises that I had thought. I can't do all the repititions they do, but I could do some of them. Anyway, I'm on my way to being in great shape and if I don't die in the process I think it will be great. I certainly need some extra energy to keep up with the kids! So, one week down... Oh, and we were supposed to take pictures of how we looked to begin with and measurements and weight and all, but I didn't do that, so below was my efforts to let you know my general starting point. (Haha)

We are supposed to take a before picture of us in our bathing suits. I opted for this method instead in an effort to share results with everyone. So, here's my before picture. Posted by Picasa

Have You Ever Heard?

Anyone else ever had a child say this:

"Well, Mama, Jesus told me I needed a whip. So, I made one and I made the strings the right size for you. They were too long."

(The little miscreants cut the strings to the blinds in their room. Of course, they were up...and I'll let you engineers figure out what that means for the fate of the blinds.)

P.S. I have no idea how they snuck out of their room and got the scissors!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We're Baaaaack!

Well, we've made it back to New Hampshire and the home base. We managed the trip in a record 18 hours 35 minutes. So far, the fastest our family has clocked. The children are glad to be back and there's nothing like being away that makes all their old toys "new" again. They are also having a great time playing outside with their buddies and running all over creation.

Amy is with us for the next several weeks, however she's sick today, so we are hoping the illness is short lived and that she can get back to being my slave promptly tomorrow morning around 6:30am...haha, just kidding. I do want her well, but she can take all the time she needs.

She's already been a great help. She really does great entertaining the kids and she does really well in the kitchen also. We've stayed pretty busy since we've been back- that's Monday and today that we've had to be busy, but we've unloaded all the suitcases but one, planted some petunias, made a small herb garden, got some vegetables for planting which Brandon put in the ground this evening, and entertained children. We spent a while with sidewalk chalk this afternoon and I've also been out to the swing a time or two with Rachel and Jeff. This evening I happened to be in the mood for a little volleyball and went up to help make the game more difficult for people. I think I'm a great double agent when it comes to volleyball and I'm glad people factor that in when they put me on a team. I find myself just standing there, staring at the ball when I should be hitting it.

I told one person during the game, that it reminded me of when I was in little league softball, the coach made me play catcher because everytime I was in the outfield, they found me practicing ballet steps, or pulling my loose tooth, or playing with the grass patterns, or...well...anything but catching the ball. So I suppose this is just the adult carryover of the distracted habit. People should just run and hide when I come to play...but I'm glad they don't cause I'm really there for the people, afterall. I could care less about the ball...and I guess it shows...sorry...I do try, and have a good time too!

Ok, enough rambling...good night.

Happy 1st Birthday Rachel! Posted by Picasa

Deep Thoughts picture at the b-day party Posted by Picasa

Rachel sees the cake coming. Posted by Picasa

Rachel's Birthday- she didn't like it when I wouldn't let her grab the flame. Posted by Picasa

Rachel's Birthday Posted by Picasa

The activity of choice in Georgia for Jonathon. Watch the neighbors get new furniture- or rather watch the BIG TRUCK sit there. Posted by Picasa