Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crazy Kid Stuff

Ok, this week we had a run on crazy things.

- Rachel pronouced "bulldozer" incorrectly in the grocery store the other day.
"Mama, I want a 'budweiser'." I wish I was the only one who heard.
- James asked to be put to bed this evening, he said he was tired!!!
- We climbed the mountain today- all of us. I have pics of our feet on top together...I think.
-The boys set up a campfire and played with matches outside on Tuesday. Yikes.
- They also stole hot chocolate powder and ate it from the can.
- They also got sand from our sand box, mixed it with water and took a "mud bath". Literally. I saw them "washing" their hair. Baths all around that day.
- I told Rachel she was a "big girl". Also in the grocery store, she replied loudly, "And you a BIG MAMA!" Ugh!
- Six words I hate to hear: Mama, please clean off my hand. I'll let you figure out why.
- Two things I dislike about little boys: peeing on the toilet, and stepping on my feet all the time.
- One thing I love about Joseph: he learned to say "Bye-bye".
- Jonathon prayed for his parents to have enough money to visit the "fishing Grandpa" this summer. We'll see.
- James tried to make his bath a bubble bath and used all the shampoo in Brandon's bottle and 3/4 of mine.
- Jeff likes to unload the dishwasher. Hooray!
- James played some sort of slay the dragon scene out in slow motion in the backyard yesterday...wish I had a video of that.
-The older boys are learning to like guacamole...too bad, now I have to share.
- Latest irritating argument: "I am me. You are you."
"No, I am me. You are you."
"No, you are not me. You are you. I am me."
Ok, so this went on for a very long time. Jeff and Rachel's favorite pasttime lately.

Did you know that Blueberry Oatmeal will not stain the cabinet even if you leave it on there for a week?
Did you know that if you forget that your children's toothbrushes are in the bag from when you camped on Memorial Day weekend and thus have not brushed a single time, you will not be struck dead?
Did you know that condiment cups from the kitchen make good sand castle molds? So do Mama's ski gloves apparently. And legos make good buried treasure in the sand box, but you must bury ALL of them.
Did you know that if you should leave coathangers in the flower bed in case some pirate needs an extra hook sometime for his swashbuckling adventure?
How about that tricycles are much more fun to ride with out the handlebars attached?
Or that the only way to get into bed is to jump from the top of the chest of drawers? naturally.
And I discovered that my 7 year old knows how to make my coffee and which vitamins I take in the morning as he has dosed them out a couple of times.

Frog eggs don't hatch if you pester them too much.
Corn will grow even if you only plant 4 seeds in one place together.
Carrots will grow even if you walk across the entire row. Twice.
Joseph eats rocks.
Laundry never ends.
My lights come on by themselves in the middle of the night somehow.
My shoes seem to migrate to Rachel's room these days by themselves.
James always has stuff in his pockets, but no one sees him put stuff in there!

And the best place to be alone is the shower.

I'm loving life, my children, and the craziness of things right now, but I'm sure glad it's a season of life and not a permanent status!


asaphat said...

Oh, what a wonderful post! I am so happy and amused to read it. Nice job, "Big Mama" of a budweiser-drinking three-year-old. Ummm....

Amy Sita said...

Thanks for the post! I laughed so hard, and I needed to laugh.
I can't wait to be up there and see all this in action.....

CoolBeans said...

Wish I could be there to see it:)
Love you!

Happiness blown to you from the strange land of Oregon:D

drewey fern said...

Wowzer! What a great post! You are a great person (clearly)!