Friday, October 03, 2008

A little deep thought for the day

Thinking today of days gone by when one spoke to me and said, "Why Mary! You're half the woman you used to be!" And it made me happy. And I smiled.

Yet again I recall a time when I sang the low notes to put one on pitch and they snickered too much to be able to hit them themselves and yet were much more capable.

And running my fingers through thick brown locks of hair, secretly glad I was being allowed to cut it because it was such nice hair, hesitant to cut it because it was beautiful hair, and embarrassed that I had cut it because I discovered later I had "tummy bumped" him with my big belly many times through the process and he thought it was cute and funny.

A day that I was proud of myself for getting the many different pans of food on for lunch only to see one man go through and pick a hair out of every single one of them. I put all that I could into that meal.

Zeal, energy, poise, ballerina volleyball moves, and high pitched squeaks to scare me to tears. I miss him very much...all of him, especially the embarrassingly fun moments.

Here's to Andrew and God's incredible humor and fervency all rolled into one person. I look forward to more fun times with you again someday.


Claire said...

I loved hearing your memories, Mary. Thankyou. :)

Liane said...

Mary, this was fun to read. Those high pitched squeaks were pretty scary!

KJ said...

Very nice! Love the memories and you captured him very well. Glad you include the "ballerina volleyball moves" :)