Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Splitting Hairs

I have been the recipient of plenty of splinters in my life, but lately, I seem to be attracting a different “thorn in the flesh”. How it happens, why it happens to me, and why no one else seems to have this problem is beyond me, but nevertheless, it is quite agrivating. This particular thing happened several months ago when I was home and I thought it was merely an off the wall, accident. Now, I’m beginning to think that maybe I just have some personal problem.

I get HAIR stuck in my feet! This is not a joke. Has anyone else had this problem, because Brandon thinks it’s worthy of a good laugh and snicker at the ridiculous. Actually, I think he has decided that it’s just my way of getting attention and creating something to do instead of housework, but HE’S WRONG!!!! Hahahaha!

Anyway, the point is, that twice today I have gotten a hair splinter. I cut the boys’ hair yesterday evening and swept up, but as anyone might know who sweeps up hair, you can NEVER get all of it. So, this morning I found a tiny little speck of it in my foot. I didn’t find it because of my over zealous desire to caress my foot mind you, I found it because I took a step and it felt like there was a needle poking into the bottom of my foot. Then, this evening, I had yet another one. ARG! HARRUMPH!

So, since I am a victim in this situation, in order to avoid any more hair balls and to escape being accused of hair brained ideas, I will go on a hair cutting strike…for at least 5 weeks…except for maybe W. C.- if he’s desprate. J

Hence, my tale ends.


Anonymous said...
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TripleNine said...

You won't hear me complain. I got it cut the other week so I should be set for another couple of months. :) Dare I make any smart remarks about wearing shoes?

DJ said...

Are you serious!?!? I have never even HEARD of such a thing happening. I don't know whether to be amazed or aghast.

Either way, stinks to be you! :)