Friday, September 09, 2005

You Can't Win Them All

At least, I haven't this week. Wednesday, I came home with the children from going to church with my mom and James immediately went to scrub out the toilet...with my hairbrush! Arg! Children: 1, Mom: 0. Then Thursday since we had been doing a lot of things during the week I needed to do some I told the kids I wanted them to help and made a little list of things to do- with pictures and we tackled the stuff. Jonathon vacuumed the living room, sort of, James got to scrub his toilets- with a toilet brush, they took the sheets off the beds, threw the launry down the stairs (great fun and actually helpful), wiped off the table, loaded the dishwasher, and picked up the toys. This evened the score to: Children:1, Mom:1...almost. I actually bribed them to do it with a movie as pay at the Children:2, Mom:1.

Today, I decided to take a nap when they did and I fell asleep only to wake up 5 min. later to James coming out of his room. I went and "took care" of the problem, then went back to lay down...4 times. In James defense, he only got up three times, Jonathon got up once. After #4, I decided that they probably were just going to do this for the rest of nap time, so I resigned myself to being awake, drank an ice coffee, and then went to tell them they could go play outside. Jonathon was quiet and on his bed and was happy to get up and go outside, but James...was asleep! Children:3 Mom:1

Now I'm looking forward to an afternoon of cooking SOMETHING for dinner and then on to whatever kind of Sabbath I can get...relaxing or does come every week and I'll take it!

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DJ said...

Coach Jones here. Sounds like you might want to update your play book. I recommend replacing play 3fe with the more modern 65r. It gets your players more involved and really cuts off the options for the opposing team.

Of course, if the "kid" team is realling scoring, you might want to just throw the book out and go all out. Get the troops pumped up and all that jazz.

Coach Jones out...