Saturday, October 29, 2005


The boys are GONE for the weekend. Oh bliss! Oh, joy! Oh, may it last forever and ever...until they come home because I miss them, that is.

So they headed off to the grandparents just after lunch yesterday. I was able to tidy up the house, take an early start on Sabbath, and have some quality time with Rachel. Then Brandon and I headed up to Diane's house for some pizza eatting and movie viewing. We had a grand time and even though we watched two movies, we were in bed before 11pm! We had a continuous night of sleep (a rarity these days) and then when I awoke around 8 am, I was almost wide awake! What a wonder! Of course, among the wonders of the day, going to bed before 11pm and waking up at 8am means that Rachel was an angel and decided to sleep for 10 hours straight before needing to eat. Oh, it just doesn't get much better than this! The question is, what will I do with all the free time on my hands?

I often have this dilema when the kids are away. Not because I can't think of things to do, but because I could fill the time 20 times over with things to do and I don't know which thing to pick. Do I just sit and vegitate the whole weekend? Do I furiously cook, clean, and organize knowing that it will be the only time it happens between now and the next time they disappear? Do I go out with friends and socialize my time away since I have the chance to have an ADULT conversation consiting of words larger than one syllable and facial expressions that do not include tongues protruding, eyeballs crossed, or slober? Or perhaps, I should pull out one of those long lost projects that I would love to work reorganizing the attic junk, or my cross stitch that I have not touched in at least two and a half months (and even then I only did about 4 stitches) or painting the patched up spot on my bedroom ceiling, or .... ok, well, let's just say that list is about forty items long.

So, as result of not being able to decide what best to fill my time doing, I am now sitting here typing away on my blog- which was none of the above, nevertheless, quite enjoyable. It's enjoyable because I get to use BOTH hands at the same time to type, I don't have to stop and help with emergency potty issues, the cord has not been yanked out of the wall the entire time, and I don't have three people sitting on me begging to look at pictures or "watch the cards jump down" (a reference to winning a solitare game). Ahhh...this is the life...and people say they need a cruise to get away...I'll take the living room recliner anyday.

Of course, if someone's just dying to give me a cruise vacation, I'd have to work hard at passing it up.


DJ said...

At first I thot you were going to blog about Braveheart, lol. Glad to hear you have some freetime and see that you used it to blog. There is no higher calling indeed :)

ljmax said...

Yeay for a well-deserved break, Mary! A full night's sleep! That's something to blog about.

Diane T. said...

Have a great time on your vacation:)

Jill said...

That's fabulous that you got a break this weekend, Mary. What I wouldn't give to have my kids' grandparents nearby! It would be hard to decide what to do with all that kid-free time: scurry around and get stuff done without interruptions or crash on the recliner and read a good book. The adult conversation over a leisurely lunch without boy noises and hollering and ugly faces and sibling rivalry has to be right up there too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Do each of your kids only either slober, cross eyes, or stick out their tongue one at a time? Did I say that right? Anyway, Duncan has this thing down now where he crosses his eyes and blows up his cheeks and sticks out his tongue all at the same time!