Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For Grossness Goers Only!

It just keeps going and going and going and going….

James threw up this evening. I thought he had already been sick. At least, one morning, he came in with a bowl and said, "Mama, I need to spit." Then he proceeded to do his thing, but maybe he really did just spit. Well, he didn’t just “spit” tonight! For all of you sensitive stomachs out there I will spare the rest of the details. But let’s just say things are still quite germy around here.

And that’s really too bad, because I thought we were over all this stuff and so I took up an offer on Sunday to go to someone’s house with my children. We went to iceskate, sled, and just hang out. They have 9 children and the mother is truly an inspiration to me. I love their kids- they are well behaved, active, and fun to be around. Somehow, I hope that my children turn out something like hers in a lot of ways- good character! Anyway, I’m afraid that at least one of their sons has this stomach flu stuff now- though I’m not sure if it was to our credit or not. I also had one of the Bible School girls here this afternoon helping me clean in James’ room- it was quite dirty, so I hope she doesn’t get sick.

And speaking of dirty- this mornings diaper duty was the worst I’ve had so far. Jeff had some runny brown “stuff” this morning that seemed to be going the “extra mile” if you get my meaning. We had it down the legs, soaked into the pants, dripped on the bed, puddle on the floor, tracked around the room, dripped in a long line down the hallway, puddle in front of the changing table, mess on the changing table and later this afternoon, I found it still on the floor, underneath some books in his room. I think he used the books as a cover up. (They were cloth books, so I washed them.) He knew it was bad and he knew I just couldn’t handle seeing another spot of that stuff. For all those of you who are wishing for kids---this is the part that is just plain disgusting and makes you reconsider all those dreamy ideas of raising a large family- or even any family at all. I tossed Brandon his swimsuit in the shower and handed Jeff over to him for a hosing down so I could put clean clothes on him and get the mess off the floor. Ahhh…it’s this routine that makes me just LOVE mornings!

It’s all this excitement that makes me grateful for several things: candles, air freshener, windows that open, and my new handy dandy electronic odor eliminator that Brandon got for me as a gift. This is not a joke, it does work- very nicely!

Ok, time to go to bed and prepare to spit into the wind again tomorrow morning.


Jane T. said...

POOR MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And right after I asked you if your family was finished with it. That makes me so sad. *sniff, sniff*

Hope ya'll get better soon!!!

Tell James I love him.

Jane T. said...

Oh, and my other nephews, and Rachel, and everybody else up there. :)

kate said...

Good grief Mary! I repent of any ideas of having 12 kids!

Just kidding. No amount of disgusting stories from you will convince me otherwise. :-)

I'll just move to Antartica with them so that all germs will freeze.

AmySita said...

Antartica!!?? forget about the germs frezzing! The kids would just frezze to death and then you wouldn't have to worry about it at all.

get well coon Mary!
Love ya'll!!!!!

Diane T. said...

12? Hahaha. My goal is 26. What fun that will be when we get this stuff. It'll take a month just to get it through the first round.

Frank said...


maldrich said...

Ok, Frank...what's TMI stand for?

And...James got what he deserved...I discovered that he had stolen candy and eaten abunch of chocolate that day. He also stole cookies from Fairwood 3 times. Then, to make things worse, we unusually had PB&J for dinner. He's ok today, so I bet he just maxed out on the sweets! Whew! I'm glad he's not sick!

kate said...

TMI= Too Much Information

Shay Dawg said...

I'm glad I read this after dinner. Wow, what excitement. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Frank said...

Here is a great website any time someone gives you an acronym and you don't know what it means. I have this bookmarked and I use it all the time.

DJ said...
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TripleNine said...

Isn't there some quote about children being the gift that keeps on giving? :-)

pf said...

Brings back memories!!