Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Week of Blisss.....tering Mess!

I think lately I have been trying to keep to a once a week posting schedule if not more often. I don't relly get to the more often, but I feel like I'm neglecting my readers if I go much longer than the self imposed week limit. This week however, I have legitimate excuses with which to comfort myself and thus relieve my worn conscience from all guilty pricks and tingles.

I, hereby, propose to you my recent schedule of events, worthy of preventing much if not all recent blogging attempts:

We'll begin with Friday, the 30th. ( I posted on the 28th, so Friday was only two days later.)
Friday: Made lunch for the directors meeting (volunteered for it, but I was busy)
Made soup for lunch on Sunday.
Took care of the kids alone for the day (normal except for meal times)
Dressed everyone for Sabbath meeting alone.
Took them to Sabbath meeting.
Jonathon came home not feeling well.
Went back and forth between dinner and home checking on Jonathon and the other children eating.
Jonathon begins throwing up.
Jonathon throws up in the night.
Parents change sheets.

Brandon goes to meetings.
All children running fevers and fussy.
No children have appetites.
Jeff begins throwing up.
Rachel throws up once.
People go to bed.
Brandon does the laundry!!!!!!

James throws up.
ALL children want to eat everything in sight.
Brandon goes to meetings and brings me a double portion of Lord's Supper.
Lewis brings some more later.
I had already had one. (A quadruple portion of Jesus for this month! Sounds good to me!)
Hmm....perhaps that much wasn't such a good idea. Icky feelings.
Jonathon throws up in the night again.
Mumma starts throwing up.
Up all night! Yuck. Sick. Gross.

Children fussy, but not sick.
Mumma sick, fever, achy back, not throwing up any more...(lost 7 lbs. in 24 hours!)
Brandon on duty for the day.

Try to get back to normal...a little too fast.
By 9 am, mom's exhausted. Rest.
Make dinner. Rest.
Baths for the stinky family.
Fellowship meeting.
Crawl into bed.
Jonathon wakes up crying.

Jonathon and James and I run errands in town.
Eat lunch (everyone fussy)
Jonathon has an earache and keeps me occupied all afternoon.
Take Jonathon to the doctor (7:15 apt.)
Mumma feeling sick again.
See doc. @ 7:50pm.
Doc calls in a prescription.
Pharmacy says we aren't in the system, so they didn't fill it.
Fill out paper work.
Prescription put in the back of the line to be filled.
"It should only take 30 min." Arg!
Come back at 9pm after killing half and hour at Colony Mills.
Get meds and go home.
Go to bed.

Thursday (today)
Tired, but feeling ok.
Children ok.
Jeff a little fussy.
Mom's night out tonight....can Brandon stand it???? We'll see.

So there, I rest my case. Yesterday I told my mother I was turning in my "Mom" badge. But today I think maybe I'll keep it a little while longer. After all, surely the worst is over.....perhaps?

( Now doesn't that make you all want to have loads of kids at your house...we could rent out...)


Uncle Frank said...

I felt tired just reading this post!
I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

ljmax said...

..and I felt sick! Poor Mary.

Diane T. said...

I'll take all them little thangs.

amysita said...

how sad! Poor brandon having to do his own laundry!
not really, sorry ya'll are not feeling so well these days hope ya'll get better soon, be praying for you.

St. Busta Chop IV said...

Wow! That is enough to stop one from blogging for a MONTH, much less just a mere week.

Be Warmed and Fed :) heh, heh, heh...

Jane T. said...

Amy, that reminded me of Disney's Peter Pan, where Mr. Darling has just tripped over Nana and the toys, and banged himself up and all the children and the mother instantly go and comfort Nana. Mr Darling says, dripping with sarcasam, "Poor Nana? Oh yes! But poor father?? Oh no!"

jane t. said...

But I say, POOR MARY!!!!!
As much as I would like to be up there and help you out, I am really glad that I am not sick.

maldrich said...

I should clarify that Brandon almost always does the laundry. Lately, we've had a little system going where he washes and dries every evening and then I fold it every morning. He knows that washing clothes is my most hated task, so he does it.

I only emphasized the laundry on this post because he washed the sheets and such and all the gross stuff that the kids created. He cleaned Jonathon up the night I got sick also since he was sick about the same time I started feeling really nasty. What a great husband! Too bad he's under the weather now...I guess I'll have to wash laundry. (Hehe- I like him for more than his washing style.)

lis said...

You can send them over here!

heh heh heh :O)

Hope you get to feeling better REAL SOON!

And everybody else, too.

lis said...

ps Am I secretly a member of the Bobsey twins? My wident thinks so:


Hmmm...or maybe it's the online version of my dad.