Thursday, May 04, 2006

Better Brief than Barren

Well, I have tried twice to upload pics on here and have hit road blocks both times. We've had some computer and camera delays lately and they all come crashing down on me when it happens. I'm the one that looses...but I'm not griping really, just explaining. Hopefully soon I can post a before and after shot of the room Jane and I just finished painting. It's beautiful!

On other fronts, we had a interesting day with the boys today. For some reason Jonathon and James, along with their buddies- M & G decided that for fun they should throw large pieces of asphalt at windows. After the tally was made the grand total was 8. One small pane in the gym entrance. Three medium size panes on the back side of the women's dorm. Two large panes on the back of the wood shop, the plexiglass window on the door to the wood shop ( who breaks plexiglass??) and one window on the door to the electical shop. I'm not sure what possessed them, but I asked Jonathon about it:

"Jonathon, why did you think it was a good idea to throw things at the window?

"Oh, Mama, it was a GRAND idea! I like to break things and tear things apart."

Later he was sorry, but the moment of explanation was all glee.

When discussing who did what, James said, "Mama, come over here. This is the one I broke. See Mama! THis one is mine. I did this one!" *ARG*

I think "G" said something about enjoying the sound the glass made when it hit the floor> I suppose I can appreciate that joy a little.

Of course, they weren't as thrilled about cleaning it up after we were out there for a long time and had to make lunch very late, so hopefully that's the last of intentional window breaking we'll see....ever.

Ok, bedtime....tata.


ljmax said...

Oh my word...what a story! Those boys will have so many great memories. I'm sorry though!

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

AAAAAHHHH! The wonderfull, joyful sound of breaking glass!!! Too bad there are such costly consequences associated... (sigh)

asaphat said...

Sounds so familiar!

Mary, this is not the last of anything. It's only just beginning. Trust me...I grew up at Fairwood with another boy (Timmy), and I know. Sometimes the only punishment/prevention my parents could come up with after a bad shenanigan was "You can't speak to Timmy for x number of days." I shudder to think what state Fairwood would be in had Andrea, Jenny, and Rosie all been boys, too.

a) hopefully they won't break into the electrical house on the golf course

b) the way the Fairwood phones are now, at least they won't be able to seclude themselves in the Main House phone booth and make anonymous long distance phone calls all over creation on KCM's bill. (you'd have to wait until they're a little older to do that, anyway...)


The joys of growing up at Fairwood.

Linds said...

Oh Mary! I'm so sorry, BUT, I think that is one of the funniest stories ever! Maybe it's because I'm in Aunt-mode, not Mom-mode, but thanks for making my evening!

DJ said...

hey, thanks for suggesting Hoodwinked the other nite. It was the perfect ending to that evening :-)

and sorry for all the jokes you've had to endure about broken windows...

lis said...

Mary, all I can say is:
too clever and energetic for their own good now...
means dyanamo for God later!

Sorry, I know that noble thought will not a whole window make. :O)

Have some hearty respect and prayer instead.

TripleNine said...

I figure I should do this before you leave.

1. Something I like about you...Your excellence in many areas, haircutting, cooking, parenting, etc..

2. What song or movie reminds me of you... 'Oscar' because you and brandon introduced me to it. Also 'The Princess Bride' because of the preacher "Mawy'

3. Asking a question... Think you're free to give me a haircut next sunday? :)

4. My first/clearest memory of you...A clear memory is from bibleschool during the winter when us guys came in to breakfast from shoveling and there was a wonderful hot breakfast waiting for us. Eggs, grits, biscuits, gravy, and all the fixin's.

5. 'Weeeslleyy, Weeeslleyy, Weeeslley,' etc.. :)

6. Our final fight to the death will be along the lines of a roller-blading gladiator fight. Armed only with ordinary kitchen utensils we will be forced to battle each other. Only by sacrificing one of us in battle will we be able to save our friends and the earth from destruction.

7. Since I did this, now you have to put it on your site.

Claire said...

Nice alliteration in the title. :) Your sisters told me at youth group about this little escapade. They beamed with auntly pride at the cuteness thereof.