Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A quickie

Here's the answers to the previous post vocabulary quiz:

Ax- "Don't AX so many questions."
Balks- A container, i.e., A mailBALKS
Bar- This animal's skin makes a nice rug providing he isn't using it.
Coed- To proceed, i.e., "COED an' eat yo're supper."
Hail- The year round residence of the Devil.
Hard- You've just been employed.
Lack- Enjoy, i.e., If yo'LACK biscuits, you'll Lack my mama's."
Peonys- It takes five of these to make a nickel.
Rum- Enclosed space in a building.
Tar- If one blows out, it's nice to have a spare.
Wangs- Birds have them.
Warrant- "He WARRANT much when hit come to working."

Hope you've enjoyed these new words. And to give propper credit, they are all from the book.....Ahem....
"Dictionary for Yankees and other Uneducated People" *smile*

A quick update on our family-

We are all in Georgia again. I've been staying overnight with Aunt Bertha and the rest of the family has been staying at my parent's house while they are out of town. Several of our family are not feeling well- still hanging on to some cold like symptoms. I'd tell you who they are, but the ones feeling bad change at the drop of a hat. All of us have been feeling under the weather here and there the last several days though.

The wedding went well and I hope you can either find some pics on some one else's blog, or wait forever for me to post some. The kids had a great time at the beach and are continuing to talk about going back to the "hotel with the water".

Today is Rachel's birthday and in honor of the special day, we are having a birthday party here today for lunch. She is one year old today and for those of you who are counting months, I am not pregnant. Anyway, you are all invited...sorry you didn't get the invitation soon enough, oh well. We will miss you.

Ok, I'm off to fold clothes, fix lunch, enjoy some more Southern Dialect, and blow my nose. (Maybe you didn't need to know that last part.) Tata.


lis said...

Happy birthday, Rachel!

*feels stunned at how the time has flown

DJ said...

Mary, thanks for putting up with all of us, along with your kids.

Whenever I remember that you are younger than me, I just have so much respect for you.

Be encouraged.

and thanks for the splinter help :-)

TripleNine said...

As much as I enjoy a good southern accent, those are just a little much :)

Hope your family get better soon. Looking forward to having y'all back up here.