Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We're Baaaaack!

Well, we've made it back to New Hampshire and the home base. We managed the trip in a record 18 hours 35 minutes. So far, the fastest our family has clocked. The children are glad to be back and there's nothing like being away that makes all their old toys "new" again. They are also having a great time playing outside with their buddies and running all over creation.

Amy is with us for the next several weeks, however she's sick today, so we are hoping the illness is short lived and that she can get back to being my slave promptly tomorrow morning around 6:30am...haha, just kidding. I do want her well, but she can take all the time she needs.

She's already been a great help. She really does great entertaining the kids and she does really well in the kitchen also. We've stayed pretty busy since we've been back- that's Monday and today that we've had to be busy, but we've unloaded all the suitcases but one, planted some petunias, made a small herb garden, got some vegetables for planting which Brandon put in the ground this evening, and entertained children. We spent a while with sidewalk chalk this afternoon and I've also been out to the swing a time or two with Rachel and Jeff. This evening I happened to be in the mood for a little volleyball and went up to help make the game more difficult for people. I think I'm a great double agent when it comes to volleyball and I'm glad people factor that in when they put me on a team. I find myself just standing there, staring at the ball when I should be hitting it.

I told one person during the game, that it reminded me of when I was in little league softball, the coach made me play catcher because everytime I was in the outfield, they found me practicing ballet steps, or pulling my loose tooth, or playing with the grass patterns, or...well...anything but catching the ball. So I suppose this is just the adult carryover of the distracted habit. People should just run and hide when I come to play...but I'm glad they don't cause I'm really there for the people, afterall. I could care less about the ball...and I guess it shows...sorry...I do try, and have a good time too!

Ok, enough rambling...good night.


asaphat said...

I'm so glad you played! And it was a lot of fun to hear your outfield story in person and then come here and be like, "Aha, I know who she told that story to during volleyball!" (wink, wink) You forgot to mention your fabulous plays last night which made you look all practiced up...that one sweet one I'm thinking of that's hard to describe.

"double agent"...haha...funny term!

Shay Dawg said...

Welcome back home. It was nice to see you and the fam down here for a little while. And I know how you feel with the volleyball. I'm the same way. I'll just look at it and if it ain't coming right at me, I ain't hitting it. That could risk a fatal injury of sort =P. There's some laziness for ya.

CoolBeans said...

(Sniff, Sniff) You just missed the fresh peaches:(

TripleNine said...

Hoo Ray for you being back! I'll have to come over some saturday and say hi.

Isn't having a good time what it is all about anyway? :)