Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Top Ten Things I've Learned This Week

1) Alcohol gets red permanent marker off a green duvet cover, but it does not get it off of white plastic drawers.
2) Itty bitty syrofoam balls go a long way when dumped outside.
3) They also find all sorts of places to hide inside and take a while to vacuum.
4) Rachel really likes sweet potatoes and fresh corn and can eat as much as I can.
5) Tree surgeons (or removal services) are fascinating to watch- especially the crane.
6) I never want my child to be a tree surgeon.
7) You can never sweep the kitchen too many times after Brandon has cut the grass.
8) Half a bowl of cereal and milk can create a puddle on the floor at least 2 feet wide as well as soak an entire bib and skirt.
9) Diapers don’t change themselves.
10) There will NEVER be enough hours in the day for me to get EVERYTHING I want to do finished. I should just make shorter, more realistic lists.


Anonymous said...

lol. nice post. :)

Derek A.

ljmax said...

Where did you get the monarch caterpillar/chrysalis stuff? Did you order a special kit?

maldrich said...

I got the caterpillars this year from the field behind the women's dorm. There are tons of them and I finally had to tell Jonathon and James to quit bringing them home.

Last year I did order some caterpillars from a company. They are rather expensive, but they came in a kit and I found they were a great and easy "science project" I can't remember where I ordered it from, but this site has something exactly the same: We ordered the "Butterfly Garden". They are painted lady butterflies instead of monarchs and consequently have a bit different style of going into chrysalis, but are fun anyway. If you really want monarchs, and I'm not sure where they don't live, but look for them on milkweed plants, that's the ONLY thing they eat and most fields around here have them or sunny weed patches. Hope this isn't more info than you wanted.

ljmax said...

Thank you Mary!