Wednesday, October 04, 2006


This is a warning ahead of time for all of you out there...


Friday is Brandon's Birthday!!!!!!

He will be a whopping 29 years old. Please be prepared to shower down loads of affirmation on him when it comes! You can all be thinking of the thousands of reasons why he's so wonderful and write your long list in here for him to read.

Thanks for being such wonderful family and friends.


Mrs. RF said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! We appreciate you!

CoolBeans said...

Brandon, You're the best brother-in-law I've ever had. (Which isn't saying much:) Love ya and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Turner said...

Things I like about my wonderful son-in law:
1) God gave you a great brain and you use it reguarly.

2)You are committed to having lots of Godly grandkids. Ü

3)I am so glad and blessed because you married my daughter.

4) You come to visit and sometimes smile while here. I suspect the thought "good time" might pass through your head before you leave for home.

5)You exhibit superhuman talents of staying on budget even when surrounded by your wife and her spendaholic family.

6)You let my daughter visit with me through many phone calls that thrill my soul.

7)You present meaningful messages and object lessons that I anticipate hearing.

8)You let the little sisters invade your home under the cloak of needing help.

9)You teach your children to love and enjoy work. One day they will be able to cut grass, maybe mine if you can move closer ( I refuse to be Cold)!!

10)I plan to have alzhiemer's and you will suffer silently.

Amy Sita said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! I'm feel so blessed to have you as a brother!

Smiles said...

Shengri Kuaile!!!!!! (Chinese for Happy Birthday!!!!!!)

I hope you have a great one. Miss you so much!

melbrown said...

Brandon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A blog comment hardly suffices in adequately expressing my appreciation for you and your friendship... but I guess it will have to do for now. Just to reassure you for another year, you have reached and far exceeded the threshold of significance in MANY ways. Thanks for everything, friend.

Your extra sister,

drewey fern said...

What I like most about Brandon: his incredible sense of humor. Brandon, Andrew, and Danny are the three funniest people I've ever known:) This may not be his most important characteristic (faithfulness to God might fall somewhere closer to that), but it is the one that I would like to emphasize on this august occasion. Yay for Brandon! Happy Birthday!

TripleNine said...

Things I like about brandon... hmm...

He always made sure our table had enough water, he has a great sense of humor, and he is a great example of a Godly man and father.

Yeah, I like the guy and hope he had a happy birthday.