Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Exciting Events in the Aldrich House

Since I have not posted recently and I can't think of one single moment to expound upon I thought I would tell you of a number of things that have happened recently to keep our family busy, having fun, and avoiding dull moments. I will say that these are in no particular order, but just as they come to mind.

1. Jonathon and James are back working on school stuff. Both are making progress in their reading, though James is able 3 lessons ahead of Jonathon. It has been very interesting seeing the different strengths of each child come out. Jonathon seems to pick up more quickly in the writing as well as most hands on projects.

2. Jeff continues to want to go to the potty and if I would ever pay attention to him, he would probably already be potty trained. He is eager and can go on command, but I have neglected the regular process of taking him during the day, hence, he is permanently in pull-ups right now.

3. Rachel is beginning to talk and says all kinds of things- "Thank you, hi, bye-bye, Amen, I want it, mine, mama, daddy, rachel, no, yeah..." There are tons of words that she can mimic- various nouns and phrases, but those are the ones she uses without being prompted.

4. Yestereday was applesauce drive. We did a smaller amount of applesauce this year than in years past and we were finished with cutting apples around 11am! I think they were done boiling jars in the earlier eveing, whereas, in years past it has been 10 or 11pm before things have finished up. I personally am not a big fan of applesauce in general, but I love the big work day and the fellowship- and the kids like the stuff, so there is that benefit as well.

5. We are planning to be in Georgia for Thanksgiving! Whooohooo! I realized not too long ago that this will be the first time we have gone to my parent's house for any holidays since moving to New Hampshire! All of us are flying down, thanks to the generosity of some wonderful family members and so it becomes a double excitement for the boys. They are looking forward to being in Georgia, but they are also thrilled about the adventure of riding on an airplane! I'm just happy that we aren't driving that whole long way this time! Praise the Lord!

6. Jeff flooded the kitchen yesterday. Well, not the entire kitchen, but probably a quarter of it. This is the first time that the water dispenser on the outside of our fridge has become a problem. I thought he was taking a nap, and instead he was in the kitchen, holding down the water button and watching it run all over the place. It took 4 towels to clean up! Perhaps this could be the last episode of playing with the fridge water...but I doubt it.

7. 3/4 of the children are upstairs now, leaving only Rachel and myself in the living room, so I better run...hope your week is going well all you wonderful people!


maldrich said...

Most current exciting activity:

Did you know that children can draw on their walls without having access to ANY writing utensils? The NEWLY PAINTED BLUE WALLS!!!! Watch out for those toy airplanes! Jonathon and James drew all over two walls with AIRPLANES! The paint just comes right off, just like when you run your red car into a guard rail you see the red paint on the rail, we had gray and yellow lines on the walls! I managed to get it off, but not without removing some of the paint as was bound to happen sometime!

Smiles said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! My beautiful walls! I will just have to come back up there again and paint them over.

brandywine said...

Smiles...we have several other walls you can paint while you're at it. :)

lis said...

Too bad I won't be here, but I'm so glad you can come down for Thanksgiving!!!