Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Catching up quickly

(More attempts at a family pic.)

Here's the "Cliff's Notes" Version of life here:

-We had the Feast
-Grandmother and Ruth came for a visit
- As a result of their visit we had good times, Brandon and I got a break from laundry duty, we successfully went through all the boy clothes and most of the girl clothes, and Ruth learned how to sled.
-Grandmother did not take part in the sledding, though she did wash the clothes from the event -She also helped Jeff and Rachel work on potty training. Jeff is just about there and Rachel with some focus efforts could be there soon I think.
-I've been catching up on the house
- We have LOTS of laundry these days- spring is the worst for making dirty clothes pile up. Today 3 children changed clothes 3 times and one changed 4 times. Can you say MUD??
- I cleaned up several rooms, organized here and there, and am back to making some real meals
- We celebrated Grandmother's birthday...with our friends, the Reeds. Anybody for fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, fried okra, Breyers ice cream, and chocolate chip cookie cake?
- Joseph is sleeping much better lately, just once up in the night most of the time now.
- I'm getting up in the morning at a normal time again.
- Devotions are back to a generally regular thing. (I always have trouble, always have.)
- Things are looking up.
And here's some favorites:
Favorite scene lately: Little Rachel sitting on the big couch alone playing with the Leap Pad.
Favorite Idea: Winning an "Original Recipe Contest" and going to Provence, France for a week.
Favorite Quote: James on his way into the tub: Hey! The water will clean us and wash our sins away!"
Favorite Person: Brandon, because he gave me two spontaneous shoulder rubs today and gave four children baths this evening.
Favorite Time of Day: 10 am when I'm awake, the children are out playing and I'm not tired yet.
Ok, gotta run. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods....


Mrs. RF said...

What a lovely looking family!

lis said...

I always love updates!

And the picture makes me smile. The odds of getting everybody to look at the camera and smile at once are just going down, aren't they? :O)

(We once had to do a re-shoot because in EVERY picture, somebody had their eyes closed!)