Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Tally

What did you find in your washer this evening? Here's what I found:

26 nails

16 acorns

4 rocks

3 toy bullets

2 sticks

1 playmobil sword

and a handful of debris

All because I didn't check one garment's are worse than squirrels!


Cara said...

HAHA! Usually I just have a lot of loose change in mine. I must say, money seems to be more exciting to find in your washing machine than nails and rocks do. We do have the occasional pen though. It's always a blue pen in a white load. Always.

kate said...

That's great!!! :-)

CoolBeans said...

It takes talent to bet that much in a pocket.

Amy Sita said...

Coolbeans meant "it takes talent to 'FIT' that much in a pocket"