Monday, August 29, 2005

How ya'll doin?

Since we dun had ire fam'le reunion, I thawt I'd share a bit o' sumpum about it in the language we spoke while thar.

Ya see, ma mamma's fam'lae wuz thar thu hole day visitin and carrin own like we'd jist seen em not too long afore that. We allz had us a pritty gud time talkin, lafin, and sum swimmin too. We got thar a leetle afore lunch and sat diyawn to steak, taters, sum fancy kind o salad, and lots o dzerts. It wuz pritty good stuff if I do say so myself, and o corse I do!

After we had sum o that grub, sum people wint ayowt ta go swimmin. I tell ya that lake's pritty nasty these days cause tha pump pulls tha water awf tha bottom an takes tha cold withit, so all's left is that nasty warm stuff an ya fill like ya swimmin in a steamy pot o muk. Well, I din't swim then, but them folks tell me it twernt so bad as all that an sumhows it got sum cold in thar agin. Most tha kids played all afternoon, but we aaadults sat in the shade and shot tha breeze. One o them kids that wuz thar sided ta sleep on thars uncle while he wuza sittin thar an yood a thawt she wuz dayed cauze she'uz so still and all.

Brayondin stayed on up at tha house most a tha day and did his vistin in tha air conDItionin. All in all we had a mitey nice time. We even got ta stay long enough sos they fed us sum suppa to! We got that steak for the second time round an wernt very sad bout that neither. It wuz good stuff an I thank we coud eat liek that everday- ifin weeze rich folks and all.

Weyl, that's bout it. Ituz a fun time and my folks did a good job a puttin on tha dog an all. Thangs look reel nice and itus grate seein everbady! I'z only wish weeze were ariyownd when theys all do thar Chrimas thang, cauze then they go on over to Jan's an ride them fo-wer wheelers and them thangs is fun!

Naw, rilly I like ever one of um and wish I coud see um moe offen.

That's all.

Ok, now that's out of my system and I can move on to other things, like the children being sick on Sunday and the great weather we're having, and Brandon's obsession with tornadoes, and the rain outside- no wait now it isn't raining- oh, nevermind, it is agai- nope....we'll you get the picture. It only rains out there today when I am out there trying to do something. So... now that I've mentioned all the other things, I'll leave you with the last comment I heard James say for the evening:

"This is my spaceship. I will TAKE it!... Hello! Talk!... What!? This is a plastic! I am a airplane. I can fly up in the air...I can walk on my wheels, YES SIR! This IS a plastic...."

Ok, so he's not stopping anytime soon, but I am!


maldrich said...

This post is in no way intended to offend anyone, any people group, culture, or unsuspecting family member. It is merely a joke at myself and my sometimes frustrating tendency to speak with the accent of whomever I happen to be around...Southern, Northern, Spanish, Russian,'s not intentional, but it happens and Brandon finds it sometimes amusing and sometimes abnoxious- depending on what accent it happens to be. I myself, seem unable to control it. Oh well.

In this case Southernisms are a family heritage and I quite enjoy them when I have the opportunity to use said accent and phrases with others who also appreciate our dialect. :-)

melbrown said...

Mary, that post must have taken you about 4 hours to write... I'm so amazed. I MISS YOU GUYS!

brilynne said...

I think you should copyright James. His speeches are most interesting to hear and are most usually read with great glee to our entire household. You could make some good money off his mouth!

DJ said...

Wow! How long DID it take to translate everything?

And I second Bri's suggestion...

maldrich said...

OK, sadly, it took less than an hour to write this and that was with SEVERAL interruptions. The fact that it isn't difficult should tell you how easy it is for me to swap to speaking that way.

TripleNine said...

An hour huh? That's about how long it took me to translate it enough to read it. Hurray for James!

Diane T. said...

Great job on the southern talkin'