Monday, August 01, 2005

On our way

Tomorrow we head out into the wild blue yonder for the land south of the Mason Dixon. We're looking forward to fresh peaches, warm weather, and central air conditioning. Of course, there are people there we want to see as well. We'll be there for about 7 weeks. So, while I may not blog for the next few days of travel, I'll be filling you in on our events down there as I can.

For now, the job is pack, pack, pack....oh, wait- that's not how it goes here. Here, it goes like this:

"Jonathon, go get your blanket. (pack) James quit throwing boxes down the stairs (go get boxes back) Jeff don't close that door again (open the door) Jeff please don't dump out the laundry basket, all those clothes were folded already (get said basket and reinsert clothes) (pack) (feed Rachel) Boys, I need you to quit playing Captian Hook and Peter Pan with coat hangers- it's too violent for me right now. (Take hangers away, then pack) Ok, time for lunch!"

At this point, packing consists of Rachels clothes pulled out on the bed- some of them anyway and the last loads of laundry in the washing machine. You may wonder what I'm doing typing on the computer if I have all this stuff to do.

Well, I'm preserving my sanity. A couple of minutes of down time and then I'll get back to the race...right (Don't worry- it's not quite that bad, just almost. :-)


Eva said...

And I thought it was only my boys that made hangers into swords and bows HMMM...

melbrown said...

HAVE FUN!!!!! WOOOOO!!! (loved the pictures, by the way. Cute kids you've got there). I'll miss you guys.