Friday, August 19, 2005


This has been a fun week. We had lots of time visiting. Pari and Joshua came over for the day on Wed. Dan came for dinner. Bruce and Jeff Lyman saw us in the evening and spent the night on the way to FL. They took us out for a yummy breakfast the next morning- all of us. ( I got one of those “proud parent” comments, “You have very well behaved children!” Whoooo Hoooo, that just makes all this work worth something. It’s nice to know that even though I’m in the middle and can’t see them being good for all the wrong things I continually correct, someone else can see it. Ahhh, what a blessing!) Ok, anyway, we also spent an evening with my family. My Dad taught me how to cook on a charcoal grill. Yes….that’s right- I’ve been spoiled all my life with a gas grill (one that was on the house gas, not a can, so I just turned it on, and lit it. Wala- a hot grill. So he taught me how to do it so I could cook out more often. It rained- I mean poured the whole time we were cooking the hamburgers and then as soon as we were done, it stopped raining. Today, we went to see good ole Aunt Bertha. She’s 102 yrs. Tomorrow. We celebrated with cupcakes and ice cream. The boys climbed the magnolia tree like I used to when I was little, and they picked figs from her tree in the back yard. We sat on the back porch in the old rockers and I felt like I was taking a step back in time about 50 years to when people sat on their porches a lot more oftern around here.

Then, for lunch we visited the McDonald’s on the corner- which has a great Playland and the boys got tons of energy out and left it there. (James got McDonalds and Aunt Bertha confused and kept calling her Aunt Donald. She thought that was hilarious.) So, then naps, a bit of preSabbath cleaning and now I’m looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow of…hmmmm…, dishes, toys, and uhh…waking up early. Doesn’t that sound relaxing. It does to me, Brandon will be off to help! Yipee!

Happy Sabbath! Oh, and Happy 25th Birthday Ye Olde Twitterpated One!

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DJ said...

"Aunt Donald" That is priceless. There were tears in my eyes when I read that, lol. Hahahahaha...