Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Heights in the Aldrich Clan

Ok, so the latest news in our family beginning with the youngest.

Rachel: She has moved out! Of our room- that is. She is finally in the crib in the room across the hall and I can now get dressed for bed and get to bed while also being able to see where I am going and the things I am about to bump into. She also stands and has "walked" around some of the furniture a bit. The other day I found her standing at the trash can and eatting a plastic bag out of it. She can climb stairs and has also started eatting some rice cereal. The best thing she does is play a cuddly game. She loves to lay her head on my shoulder and grin while I coo at her. Then she sits up looks around and then lays her head down again. It's hard to resist feeling large amounts of affection for her when she does this.

Jeff: Has just smacked his head on the floor. He also has a temper and refuses to be comforted, but prefers to suffer alone- loudly. He has just graduated to a "big" bed and sleeps in the room with James. For the most part this has been very successful. He doesn't get down from the bed like the older two did and he really seems to like his bed. Jeff is gradually adding words to his vocabulary, but only very slowly. He gets all sorts of inflection, like when you say "thank- you" he tries to repeat it with no consonants.

James: most amusing thing said today was when Brandon called him over and James replied very sweetly, "Don't bother me right now, Daddy. I'm very busy." Among his recent accomplishments he adds successful "stinky in the potty" to the list. I think he is as potty trained as you can get for a 3 yr. old. He has started requesting to wear underwear to bed at night and has remarkably stayed dry most nights. He is generally in good spirits and can often be sickeningly pleasant. "Hello Mama. I have a good attitude. I am playing sweetly. I would like to take my nap now. I'm happy, Mama." He goes on and on sometimes.

Jonathon takes the cake on humor this week though. He came home yesterday and said, "Mama, that lady said I could sit in the parlor. I asked Jesus and he said I could and she said I could too."
"Who was the lady?" I asked.
Jonathon thought for a moment, "Ummm....It was Mrs. Sandford's mother!"

Hehehehee, I later discovered that it was Mrs. Murray he was talking about and Sharon and I had a good laugh! For those of you who don't know her, the said mother is in her 90's and Mrs. Murray is in her 50's.

As for other events in the life of the Aldrich Clan:

Note for Mission Brown Blog readers:

Jeff and Fritha were at our place this weekend. They were both looking great and seemed to be having a fun time though tired after the weekend. They brought a huge fruit tray to the dessert banquet we had here and it was one of the favorites of the table. We all went out and saw the new Chronicles of Narnia and that was great. They both seem to be staying busy and I miss having them around!

Ok, umm....other things...this will have to be quick.
We had a dessert banquet- I've already mentioned. I took Cookie Dough Truffles, Coconut Snowmen, Sweet Rangoon, and Spinach Dip, thankfully not all in the same dish.

The students have two days left here before break and I am looking forward to the last evening when we get together and exchange gifts and such.

I managed to get a good portion of the upstairs cleaned up this morning and am looking forward to when the downstairs can look similarly tidy.

Jeff has his second birthday coming up this Thursday and the plan is to celebrate with all manner of Thomas the Train paraphinalia (I don't think I spelled that right, but oh well) and an ice cream cake. I should mention, we will probably celebrate Friday since the students are having their thing Thursday.

The boys recevied a massive kitchen set thanks to Andy and Carol and Grandmama Turner and they have been playing with it quite a bit. The other day, James asked Brandon if he could make him some "Lemon Merengue Pie". I am not making this up. They are happy to create all manner of food creations for us if we will only pretend to eat it.

Ok, gotta run. Type at ya later.


Diane T. said...

Wow! Rachel will be running around in no time. And I'm sure the boys will be great cooks as well.

Jane T. said...

Mission Brown readers??????? More like Mission Brown checkers!

Glad ya'll are having a great time. Wish I could be there!

Amysita said...

mmm, ice cream cake! Are you putting stuff in it like Grandmama use to do for us? Jeff is already two? and Rachel's walking? there all growing up so fast.
(Oh and dito to Jane's statment about mission brown checkers! they haven't written since september!)

TripleNine said...

I had one of your coconut snowmen and it was definitely very tasty.

As for the kids, glad that they are yours and not mine, even though I enjoy seeing them each week.

DJ said...

Now I feel even worse about not going to the dessert banquet. Just hearing about some of the good food is enough to send me into the depths of regret. Oh well :)

Glad u can write such good things about ur kids :)