Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"The Aldrich Army" Rated R- for violence

Jonathon with his wooden kitchen knife won the quote of the day award when he told James, "James, if you do that again, I will cut off your neck with this knife and chop it into a thousand pieces and we will eat it for breakfast!"

I have NO idea what the offense was, but it must have been terrible. ( He probably took his toy or something.)

James gets most endearing quote:
"Mama, you're my friend."
"Oh, thanks James. Who else is your friend?"
"Nothing. I only have one friend. Mama, you are my friend."
"Oh, what about Jonathon?"
"NO, he's not my friend."
"What about Gabriel?"
"No, he's Michael's friend?"
"Oh, what about Jesus?"
"Oh, YEAH! He's my friend. Just two friends. Jesus and Mama."
"Ok, James. Just two friends."

Jeff gets the award for most likely to sabatoge. He keeps taking the chair away from Rachel when she is standing at it.

Rachel wins the award for greatest accomplishment: Eating baby food regularly now!

Mary gets the award for most successfully ambitious: I cleaned out the attic today! Hooray!!!!

Brandon gets the award for successfully completing the most tasks in the shortest period of time AND washing and drying ALL the laundry for the last week! Three cheers for Brandon.

(How's that for a politically correct post? Everyone wins. But I still think Jonathon's wins most.)


Diane T. said...

Hahaha! I'll grind your bones to make my bread.

DJ said...

Has this movie been reviewed by Screenit?

and nice cheese soup this sunday. It just needed the hotpepper to be perfect :)