Monday, December 19, 2005

NO! I didn't really see that! Did I?

Did you ever do a double take because what you saw could not POSSIBLY be what you actually saw?

Well, here’s some that make me look twice recently:
- Captain Hook’s hook hanging from the bathroom cabinet.
- James with the front part of the fan on his head- dust and all.
- Rachel eating a grape stem.
- Jonathon sledding by himself and having fun.
- All the dishes washed- and I didn’t do it (Thanks Brandon!)
- 6 loads of CLEAN laundry on the bed waiting to be folded (Ditto)
- Jeff opening presents and being mad at them because the wrapping didn’t instantly fall off with the first rip.
- Buzz lightyear “flying” down the stairs
- discovery of spit up in the train tracks box (everyone say “EWWWW!)
- Rachel stuck in the train track box- haha!
- and last for this list is Wesley!- I’ll post a pic tomorrow for this one.

Have a great Monday!


Amysita said...

There I said it :)

TripleNine said...

I'll wait and save my EEWWWWW for tomorrow when you post the pic. Send me a copy of it would you?

DJ said...

YES! I am looking forward to that pix of 999. Prepare for some merciless mocking, brother mine! >:>