Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I thought of several different directions for this post to go.

First, was the awesome time we had on Sunday with a water slide down the front lawn and many friends to share it with. Our friends, the "Weeds"- as a couple of my boys say came over for some water fun along with the other children who live here at Fairwood. We slid down the slide for about 3 hours and thoroughly killed the grass underneath. We also set up a wading pool for little ones and had mounds of squirt guns thanks to Diane R. There was lots of fun and I even went down the slide a number of times. Of course, it being Wednesday I am still discovering different muscles that are sore from the event. First it was just tummy muscles that hurt, but today the backs of my legs are hurting from the walking up the hill. I haven't quite recovered, but we had a blast! The boys really had fun and went to bed exhausted that night.

Second, Brandon told me yesterday he had a dream about me. He said I was in the shower and a piece of plastic blew in and enveloped me and I suffocated and died and then everyone was sad. That made me smile. Not that I died and people were sad, but it isn't often that I think of myself as being valuable to others. I don' t mean to think that I am worthless, but perhaps most of you understand the concept that I don't just walk around thinking, "Ah...I am wonderful and everyone thinks so." I mean how many of you do that? Even if you are?? Which I think most of the friends I have are wonderful, but you don't really dwell on it and yet the thought of passing on and people suddenly being sad that you aren't around can actually be encouraging. You know, I think hmm....despite all my struggles and efforts, I do get some things right and people notice. I know this is a really carnal thought, but still somehow the thought was encouraging. I hope his dreams are not prophetic though!

Third, our family is gearing up for vacation up in Maine again. We went last year to Diane's camp and this weekend we are planning to go again. Brandon is going to be there for the first several days and then Diane and I are going to stay with the kids for a little longer before coming back home. I am both looking forward to it and sort of hesitant. I know it will be a good break and lots of fun for the kids as well as the adults. It's a pretty laid back atmosphere and we plan easy meals and there is very little upkeep of things. But lately I've been having some "evening sickness" which seems to last from mid afternoon to late in the evening. I'm about 2 months along right now and the ickies are getting a little more noticable. I hope they are over soon and I also hope they don't interfere with our trip too much.

Fourth, I have finally stooped to the level of whistling for my kids. I used to think that the concept (like in the Sound of Music) was a little demeaning to the children- to be whistled at like a dog. However, Fairwood is a BIG place and when they go out to play, sometimes I can not yell loud enough to get their attention and sometimes I have zero idea as to which direction to head out on the hunt. So, I've taken to whistling. A couple of years ago I finally learning how to do one of those super loud shrill whistles with my fingers in my mouth and I've been practicing ever since. Now it's paying off. The boys can hear it even over the lawn mowers! I'm so glad! AND for those of you who think that I am just blessed with such a marvelous talent, let me tell you, I spent long hours spitting all over myself trying to figure out just how that noise was supposed to be made. When I finally got a little "tweet" I kept experimenting until I could get a real impressive noise. Every once in a while I start to whistle and for some reason it doesn't work right and I spit all over myself again and the sound is more similar to a squeaky door rather than a loud bugle call, but I just laugh with all the other people laughing at me and try again. WHoooohoo! No more loosing my voice trying to hail the children. I suppose the best part is that so far they are actually responding to it and coming right away. I hope that continues for a long time.

Ok, and last, I just want to mention that I will have no phone line this next week and therfore will not have access to email or blogging, so while I will try to give a great report when we return, After Thursday, you'll just have to find some other way to entertain yourself besides my blog- At least until next Wednesday or Thursday. Until then, have fun!

Funny Quote this week: Jonathon: Mama, come look at my train track. It is very lovely!


CoolBeans said...

HaHa! I can whistle too:)

Amy Sita said...

"Ah...I am wonderful and everyone thinks so" I think that all the time. Oh, And I'm humble too!
Have fun at Camp and make sure to take lots of Pictures!
Love ya!

Cara said...

So all my spitting will pay of? I hope so!

Hope you guys have a grand vacation!

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

...reminds me of my childhood days---my dad whistled for us when he wanted us. He had a different sound for each of us---when we heard our whistle we were to respond back with the same whistle to let him know we heard him and were on our way...

lis said...

Yes, I was a whistled-for child, and I don't feel at all scarred.

And I agree with the Mary-is-awesome line of thinking! Keep it up!