Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ahem....the bloomin onion maker.

Frank asked me what one looked like and here are the components of the fancy one I just got. The best parts are (having made them before without all these gadgets) the slicer- at the top- which allows the onion to get even straight cuts without putting my fingers in danger, the corer- to the right, which very nicely removes the core from the onion after it is fried, and the instruction booklet which gives all kinds of tips for how to get the best Bloomin Onion and several recipes for batters to dip them in as well as dips to serve with them.

It's all in the name of strong FIRM arteries I say! Posted by Picasa

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Frank said...

Thanks for the follow up of my comment. That sure does look alot easier than try to slice it buy hand. I might have to put that on my Christmas list.