Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy 4th Birthday James

The cake I made complete with James, the red train.

We had hotdogs and mac and cheese at the request of the birthday boy. I was thrilled for a quick easy meal and they loved it- especially with Thomas the Train decor to go along.

The birthday boy himself. Don't worry, his bark is worse than his bite. He's actually the cuddly son of the family.

Jeff liked the mac and cheese best. Rachel favored her "Mr. Conductor" hat and her hot dog bun. Jonathon has just taken to hiding under the table anytime we look for him.

I should add that James was quite devestated when he discovered that he was only turning 4. Apparently the cool age is 5 and he cannot yet attain such a standing. After all, his brother is 5 and his friend has been 5 and is now 6 and another friend is about to be 5 later this year, but James must be 4. Ah...the woes of the younger sibling! I had no idea how rough they had it!!! But we all had a good time anyway. Posted by Picasa


CoolBeans said...

We tried to call James just before he went to bed however, no one picked up the cell phone. Tell him we said Happy Birthday!!

Mrs. RF said...

Happy late birthday James!

TripleNine said...

Wow, all sorts of posts to comment on. Happy birthday to James, I remember leaving for vacation so I wouldn't be around when he was born :)

Now that you have that blooming onion maker, I may just have to come over for a visit :)

Glad you had a good time on vacation. Thought of you as I was also at a camp in maine that weekend.
And nice pics.

lis said...

Happy birthday, James!

Mary, you are a-mazing - as usual!

And am I the only person who is wondering what is on Brandon's face?

Laughter said...

Blooming onions, ooooh boyyyyy. I echo W.C.'s comment.

I love your blog and you and your family. And the fact that I get to seeee you all practically anytime I wish. :-D

ljmax said...

Impressive job on the cake...I only hope I can do as well with some sort of Spiderman design.

melbrown said...

Happy belated birthday, James! You can tell him that he definitely looked more mature the last time I saw him. Five is highly overrated.

Lis, I was also wondering about Ye Olde Bloated Jowl. I can't tell if it's a ping pong ball or a really bad shaving accident.

maldrich said...

Actually, the ping pong ball on Brandon is just a wierd glare from the camera flash...or maybe it's leprosy.