Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mary !!!

This is Brandon sneaking in here, under cover of ye olde closed door. Although it has been my custom to refrain from posting on Mary's blog, so as to avoid charges of blogging nepotism, on this special occasion, caution must be thrown to the wind, the powerful anti-blogging nepotist lobby must be resisted, and natal celebrations must abound.

I'm taking these brave steps because I love her.

Why, you ask? Well no, of course you wouldn't, since its so obvious.

But I'll tell you anyway...a top ten at least:

  1. She wants to obey Jesus as much as she knows how.
  2. She's willing to do #1, even when it meant I would be halfway across the world for three months.
  3. She is patient with her clumsy husband even when, in the midst of conversation, he's halfway across the world.
  4. Big dreams, and enough energy (so far) to chase after them.
  5. Toilet fix-it know-how.
  6. Forget converting those God-hating neo-libs...we'll just outnumber them.
  7. Goodies that are...good.
  8. She takes practical steps to help make me successful.
  9. Think...Proverbs 31 object lesson.
  10. This will make her cry...in a good way.

Hope this year is best yet!!


kate said...

YAY FOR MARY!!!!!!!!! happy birthday. I trust it was wonderful! Sorry I didn't know about it sooner. :-( I shall try to run down tomorrow and say it in person. You are truly awsome. :-)

melbrown said...

Great post, Brandon! Nepotism, shmepotism!

Happy birthday to Mary, who makes all our lives brighter just by being.

Aaron S. said...

Happy birthday, Mary!

Mrs. RF said...

3 cheers for Mary. Happy Birthday!

Smiles said...


Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Ol' 'Lanche and I wish you a super Happy Birthday Mary!!!

maldrich said...

Wow, I was surprised. And I am crying...you guys are all great! Thanks!

ljmax said...

Happy birthday Mary...you are an inspiration! And what a nice tribute.

pennyjean said...

Happy Birthday, Mary!

lis said...

***Sis boom bah! I love Mary!***


Cara said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you have a great one!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday plus one, Mary! ( What is it with me and birthdays? I'm ALWAYS late!) Love you!

ahappywife said...

I'm late too! but I have a good exuse... My internet was down yesterday... boohoo... I sat looking at my neatly organized outlook calendar, complete with Turner Birthdays, provided Kindness of MARY and completely unable to wish you a Happy One!


(don't worry you other four, I feel the same way about you too)

asaphat said...

Mahwee is pretty much the best ever!

Many happy birthday blessings pour down upon your head this coming year!