Thursday, December 07, 2006

Exciting things for this week

Just thought I would share the top 10 most exciting things this week in our house- that I could think of right this second, that is... We've been on duty and preparing for the dessert banquet, so things are super busy. Oh that Sunday would come!

10. We're on duty this week for the Bible School and nothing scary has happened.
9. The Bible School girls and I decorated the dining hall Monday and Tuesday- a first for me to be running the operation, but they had great attitudes and worked hard.
8. I've had plenty of "opportunities" to walk this week since that is the fastest way to get my blood sugar to come down. It seems to be getting more sensitive as the months of pregnancy drag on.
7. Rachel went to the doctor on Wednesday for a rash around her mouth, but the doctor thinks it's just dry skin and irritation to saliva. Hmmm...ok....
6. I went shopping yesterday and hit a record 8 stores, with a child in tow before coming home, all in the name of picking up items for the dessert banquet.
5. Rachel likes shopping.
4. After going to bed close to midnight for several nights, last night I made it in bed by 8pm and was asleep less than 30 min. later. I think I need to do this for a week.
3. "Cars" is a full 2 hours long and that means I can almost clean the entire house without being disturbed! I'm looking forward to that this afternoon.
2. I've decided that while I usually think of cooking as my hobby, this week I think it's more the idea of cooking is the hobby. Somehow the cooking isn't quite as appealing, but I haven't really started yet, so maybe I'll change my mind.
1. Jonathon poked James in the face with a tomato cage- the pointy end. Thankfully, he missed his eye by a 1/4 inch and the wound seems to be healing well.

Hope your week has gone just as well, if not better than ours. See ya!


Anonymous said...

By the Grace of God alone[it seems] do little boys grow into men.

How in the world do we survive that long? :-)

z said...

Poor James. I am glad that Jonathon missed the eye though.