Saturday, December 30, 2006

Prayers for Protection

Normally when our family gets into the car we pray for protection on the road as we travel. Jonathon almost always is willing to pray and James occasionally chimes in with, "Dear Jesus, help us have a good time." I suppose that is also a valid request. Anyway, today, for a change to our normal stay at home for Sabbath, Grandpa A. and Auntie J. and I took the kids to the Children's Museum in Portland, ME. As usual, we prayed on the way there for God's protection in our travels. I think Jonathon and James both prayed- but the important part is that today, more than other days I noticed God's blessing in this area.

This afternoon it was predicted 1-3 inches of snow starting around 3pm, but when we left the museum at noon, it was already coming down. I think it's about 41 miles from the museum back to the house, but it took us almost 2 hours because of the driving conditions. We kept track of how many cars we saw that had accidents or had run off the road into the ditch- way into the ditch, or were in the emergency lane going the wrong way from having spun out. I will say I only saw one of the ones just turned around, all the rest were either wrecks or in the ditch far enough that they couldn't get out and we passed 14 of them on our way home! Every time we went by, my thoughts were, "Thank you Lord for protection." It's not every day that it is so clearly obvious to me that he is watching over us, but I know it to be true. You could argue that those were just dumb drivers or people who were inexperienced in the snow and that might be the case, but I bet some of those people were just run into by others and actually had almost no part to play in their unfortunate circumstances. So, while I felt we had an excellent driver behind the wheel- Grandpa, I was also very aware of an excellent God watching over us.

And as a side note, I was glad to see that of all the accidents we saw, not one of them appeared to be fatal. Which I will also give God credit for. So, as you leave your house today, maybe it isn't snowing in your neck of the woods, but He is still there and can guard your vehicle too. Be sure to give Him the opportunity!

That's my sermon for the day.


DJ said...

so does this mean I'm excused from church tomorrow since I read your "sermon" today? :-)

maldrich said...

Well, if you feel you can prove the hypothesis that God only speaks once in the week, then by all means...

shannon said...

I used to love the Children's Museum (but then my dad always forced us to go to the art museum after).