Friday, December 22, 2006

Picture Updates

Here are the recent events in the Aldrich house according to pictures:

First we have the birthday of Jeff last Friday. Once again the Strawberry Pudding Cake came out and it was gobbled up.

Second, we have the castle and the friends over to play. The castle was the big gift from the relatives this year and the boys are still having a blast with it. They got it on the first morning of Hannakah. (It took their mother about 3 hours to put together. The instructions said 2 hours, but I watched a movie too.)

Third, Jeff and Rachel enjoying cookie swap cookies on the floor in the kitchen.

Last, Jonathon and James with their gingerbread houses that they made in Ms. Randall's class! We had tons of fun and the houses are still intact right now, though the drool ratio in this place is multiplying by leaps and bounds.

Have a great weekend!


lis said...


Rachel has turned from a baby into a little girl. When did that happen?

And I love the boys' expressions in the gingerbread picture. :O)

CoolBeans said...

Wow! Their gingerbread houses look better than the ones that we (your sisters) make. They are growing into world famous artists yet:)