Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ode to Spring

Spring has finally sprung! Hip hip hooray!
The kids can play with bareness of feet
and stay wet outside all day.
I'm so glad that it's no longer cold
And four changes of clothes every day
Makes laundry duty grow old.
So here's to fun and melting of snow,
Popsicles, bubbles, and butterflies.
I'm glad to let winter go!

And happy 2nd Monthaversary

to Joseph!

(hopefully he will grow out of the crosseyed stage)


DJ said...

Hurray for Spring indeed!!!!

I can't commiserate about loads of laundry or even kids in general :-), but I sure am on the same page as you in welcoming Spring...

CoolBeans said... least he CAN cross his eyes. I've had all my friends do all the little "watch my finger and you'll go cross-eyed" tricks. It never works. So Jo, you got a special talent. Don't lose it.

Amy Sita said...

Coolbeans- I thought nicknaming the nephews was normally the Uncles job..... :o)

TripleNine said...

I just read your post about breakfast and all I can say is 'Holy Monkeys!'

Nice to see you Saturday.