Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Flowers and Fiascos

Well...time sure does fly. It seems like I just posted something yesterday and yet the date clearly says that it has been much longer than that! We have been a bit busy lately and thus I am limiting myself to 20 minutes on the computer this evening, so this will have to be short.

I did however want to write about several funny/ scary events lately:

Jonathon and James are on restriction from Calvin and Hobbes comics right now and here's why:

- Jonathon called me a "moron" the other day.
- James went up to Jonathon yesterday and said, "Oh, you have a mosquito on your back!" And whacked him and giggled with delight.
- Jonathon and James attempted riding in our large wagon down the front lawn with no one to stop it. *Yikes*
- Jeff pushed Rachel down the driveway in the little red wagon today and I only sprinted fast enough to catch her just as she was about to pass the dining hall and head down "Dead Man's Curve" (for those of you who do not know the layout here, she went down one good size hill and was headed for another)
- We occasionally hear James yelling at the sky, "SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!"
- James was playing with his cars the other day and I overheard him having one car tell the other that he had just turned him into a pterodactyl!
- Jonathon insisted that it was, in fact, a chicken!

Ok, so Calvin and Hobbes is great and all, but it's going to make my smart children smart in ways they shouldn't be and possibly kill others! So it's out for a while!

The other amusing note was our trip to the nursery today to buy some flowers. I am hoping against all hope that spring is actually here to stay and thus took all five children to the nursery to wander around and pick out some plants. This was my first mistake.

When we arrived I noticed that they had cool green wagons similar to one we own and I discerned that all five of my wiggly offspring would fit nicely in it and be easily contained. So, I ran to get said wagon, returned to the ever shrinking mini-van, and piled them all in. I turned it around and noticed that it was VERY hard to pull. Two more feet of pulling confirmed that we did, in fact, have a flat tire on our selected wagon. ARG! in the middle of the parking lot! So, I drug that stupid wagon to the curb and unloaded all five kids onto the sidewalk, instructed them to stay there and retrieved a different cart- this one was a flat bed. I loaded them all back on, got Joseph settled down again (he was riding on it in his car seat) and set off to weave in and out of endless rows of flowers. We got two feet and the wheel fell off. I mean the wheel came right off the axle! So, I unloaded them again, and proceed to play a sort of version of follow-the-leader through the plants when some guy (who was probably vowing never to have kids) came up with a fully functional cart and offered it to me. I put them all on and then had to remove three of them because the first plant we picked out had vines that spread way out and covered half the seating area. From then on it was only about standing still, not throwing or eating the rocks, not pulling the blooms off the plants, and the best one- please don't dismantle the gazebo flooring- even if it does look cool how they got that pipe to stick up through there like that and it comes apart. We finally picked out plants and escaped. Whew!

And that's my twenty minutes. Goodnight!

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