Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wiggle and Splat

Jonathon got fish last Friday from the pet store. The fish cost about $5 and the stuff was 15 time as expensive.

And the numbers are in. Wiggle and Splat- the names of said pet fish (Rosy Barbs) lasted 6 days, perhaps only depending on when they died in the night. Jeff and Rachel fed them ALL the fish food in the packet- enough for a month and then the fish became gluttons.

It killed them. Perhaps we will attempt a reincarnation of Wiggle and Splat next week and see if we can break our record. I can't spend this much money on fish apparatus and not have fish for a while! Besides, they died in less that 15 days so we get the next ones free. Hmmm...we could be at this a long time!


maldrich said...

My humble apologies for all the typos. I'm sick and having skin issues on my fingers and just plain lazy this evening.

aaron said...

Poor Wiggle and Splat!

TripleNine said...

Those are great names! ahahaha. Hope that the next one do indeed last a few days longer.