Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Good Week

So far this week is looking up. I had a little bit of a rough time Tuesday, but I think it was similar to the depression that sometimes comes after a "high". (I'm not on drugs, though I'm sure some of you are convinced otherwise.) Anyway, we began spring cleaning here at Fairwood on Monday. I am VERY involved in this process, but mostly from the planning aspect.

News Flash: Brandon reports that he is feeling nauseous, but that's just to make me roll my eyeballs. He's fine- he's actually not permitted to be sick!

Anyway, I planned for the cleaning day and then in a fit of insanity, I told the other mothers here that I would keep all the kids if they wanted to work. That brought the grand total to 8 boys and 1 girl, with the oldest child being 5 years of age and Rachel the youngest. I had five in diapers and four of them had stinky pants while I watched them. I should hasten to add it went VERY well considering the volume of little boys and their tendency to move violently and break things. We had a fun lunch of fish sticks, mac n cheese, and green beans. We watched Robin Hood (Disney cartoon version), and played with trains. The last of them went home around 4pm. I was tired, but it really did go well. Of course, that night I did my shopping trip and run to Panera Bread.

Yesterday was a recovery day and I had a bit of trouble actually recovering to a point that was satisfying. Brandon, however, in a fit of wonderfulness sent me up to my room and told me to watch a movie and fold laundry for two hours after dinner. I was thrilled. I got the room clean, about 6 loads of laundry folded, a patch sewed on Jonathon's jeans and a shirt hemmed that I've been trying to finish since July.

Today I awoke feeling rested and upbeat and somehow before 9am I managed to wash three loads of clothes, change all the sheets on the beds, change some children's clothes, make and serve breakfast, clean up from breakfast, and take out some of the trash in the bedrooms. I figure I got enough done this morning, I can take the rest of the day off.

I should mention that yesterday, I had some good advice from my mother to spend less time talking about all I have to do and how busy I am and spend more time actually doing some of those things that need to be done. It's not that I spent tons of time standing and whining, but just a little of that greatly effects my attitude and drains energy away. I've also thought about "asaphat's" comment to keep everything in perspective and the two together have been some good encouragement.

It always helps to have well family members which I am encouraged to report is finally the case! (And for those of you who were interested Brandon's moles- three were fine, three were precancerous and he will have those excised in March. Praise the Lord for getting them early.)

So, I'll just carry on with some positive thinking for the rest of the day and I hope some of it can overflow to the rest of you as well. It's really helping. Tata.


Marie said...

it's great that you're having a good week. I read about your sickness...yikes...springs coming! Than ya'll can go outside more and breath clean air...anyways...I did 2 loads of laundry yesterday, washed, dried and put it away, and I thought that was! You folded 6 loads of laundry...goodness:) I guess I'll just have to wait to have a family and get to do that type of thing. THat's great that Brandon pitches in the way he does. Blessings on ya'll's heads:) Tata! P.S. keep Adam in line, you know give him a noogie once in a while;)

Jane T. said...

YEA!!!!! I am so glad ya'll are feeling better.

I can't wait until I get to come up there and visit and help out some.

Love you lots!!!!!!

Cool Beans said...

Keep it up!

AmySita said...

don't rub it in jane you do that enough at home you don't have to do it on the computer too!
yea! for well children (and parents) love you Maryhope you stay well!

Brenda Jo said...

"...sent me up to my room and...fold laundry for two hours." It sounds good to me. How our perspective changes!