Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jonathon's Day

Warning: Some readers might not want to read this out loud.

Today Jonathon had surgery. It was a small surgery called a “meatotomy”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that word and since this is a rather delicate procedure, I’ll just put down the definition that I googled, since I do not recommend googling it unless you have a problem and NEED to research:

A meatotomy is a form of penile modification in which the underside of the glans is split. This procedure was performed to alleviate urethral stricture.

For the young eyes and ears: Jonathon had a hard time going the the bathroom, so the doctor gave him a little cut to make it easier.

While it sounded fairly unpleasant the whole thing took less that 15 minutes bringing total procedure time to less than 45 minutes. He had to be put to sleep and I’m rather grateful.

We were first on the list for the morning which meant we arrived at the hospital at 6 am. The surgery was at 7:30am and we were checking out of the hospital around 9:15.

Jonathon did very well. He was pleasant and polite. Woody (the cowboy doll) and Jonathon’s pirate dagger went with him every step of the way for comfort. We also read many Thomas the Train stories to keep him distracted while we waited.

While I don’t have long to write, I will say that everything went as good as it possibly could have and Jonathon is recovering nicely now. He is experiencing very little if any pain in the area and has been pretty happy most of the day.

Ok, gotta run….


AmySita said...

poor Johnathon! hope he feels better soon! i'll be praying love you bunches!

Cool Beans said...


Jane T. said...

Way to be brave, Jonathon! You are not one to grow faint at the meare sight of a needle! Love you!

DJ said...

Well, here's to hoping this post doesn't come back to haunt him when he's 25, lol...