Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here's to small vacations!

It hasn't been much, but this weekend, Brandon was obliged to preach at Elim in Maine and therefore, our family went to his parents for the weekend. His mom had to work Saturday and Sunday, so we came on Friday in hopes of celebrating her birthday a little early. We got here in time for dinner and enjoyed a little visiting.

Then Saturday, the children did not sleep in, but they were entertained by Brandon in the morning, so I got to sleep a little extra. I actually spent the majority of the day in my pajamas. You know, you can't do that very often at Fairwood when you live in the Main House. Too many people come to the door. But here- even if I did do many things that were quite normal, just the act of refusing to get ready for the day made me feel as though I was some how able to relax more. It also makes me less productive, so I'm not advocating neglecting the usual attire on a regular basis.

Ok, so pajamas....yeah! Then, we just had a great time of laying around the house and taking it easy. In the evening, we had a scrumptious meal of Italian Stuffed Shells. You know, it's a great thing that our children like this meal because we've had it quite a lot by accident lately. I made it two weeks ago for us to eat, but I made a large pan, so that means we ate it for leftovers for the entire week. Then, on Saturday, Brandon finished off the last bite for lunch and Elaine called up saying they had extras from Craig's B-day dinner and did we want was stuffed shells. So we took it- it's food, we like it, and that means I didn't have to cook. We ate it for leftovers all week for a second week cause it was a large pan too. So last weekend, Carol had put a pan of stuffed shells in the freezer to save for us when we came. We came this weekend, just one day after finishing off the last pan, and enjoyed them yet again. I suppose I won't make them for a while, but it is a tasty dish and all three were different.

Tomorrow we are planning to head North for Brandon's preaching opportunity and then we'll return back home. So, it's a busy weekend and yet one we can relax on.

Now, if only I didn't know that my sink is full of dishes at home and the bathrooms haven't been cleaned in maybe.....or maybe you really don't want to know how long...Anyway, there's plenty to keep me busy when we return- there always is. And you know, I'm kind of glad I'm busy, I don't mean the times I'm insanely busy and I can't even think straight, but when there's plenty to do, I'm not as tempted to waste lots of time doing nothing which I do very well- given the opportunity.

I think I've rambled on long enough, so I'll leave you all with the update that Jonathon is doing very well- not much pain, and no emotional stress from the event- praise the Lord.


Cool Beans said...

glad to find you are finaly getting back to normal. Or no I guess the wouldn't be normal because normal would be sick:)
Oh well, glad to hear your doing better. How about that.
Love ya!!!

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Funny thing aboot PJs---I just barely remember such contrivances---seems like they have feet in them and they're warm and fuzzy??? A far cry from life as some of us now know it... ...ridin' fence just me and ol' 'Lanche, come nightfall I just spread my ol' bedroll on the ground, pry off my boots and clamp my ol' Stetson down on my face and sleep like a small babe---I've been told I snore a bit...

Claire said...

Hey- I just had a marvelous time playing sports with your two youngest sisters at ODC ( among others...). What charming young ladies! I think Ruth is my new best friend!

DJ said...

...and you shall have stuffed shells until they come out of your nostrils...
[the RSAV, ryu soma authorized version]