Friday, February 03, 2006


How many of you like reruns? I think I usually like them if it's a favorite show and I like them if it's just as good or better as the new garbage coming out, and brain doesn't generally remember that I saw it the first time anyway.

This week's post is about reruns- and ones that I don't particularly care for. It seems as though we've been on the same theme for weeks. I know some of you out there are eagerly awaiting the day that I post an "ALL'S WELL". Unfortunately, that day has not come. Here I am again writing the same old stories:

The children are doing better, but I am currently sick. We just dicovered that Jeff had the same tooth problem that James had a month ago and so he just had one of his front teeth pulled as well. People here at Fairwood seem to be in a perpetual state of sickness. I'm not sure what we've got going, but I just heard of yet another family with a stomach bug and there are so many cold and flu things going on that it makes me not want to walk out the door. I'm going to the doctor this afternoon for a strep test, since that's the only thing I can think of that makes things just keep going over and over. We'll see.

On the other side of things, all this sickness has had a tremendous impact on what we get done around here. Brandon has work up to his ears and I have so much to do that I find it debilitating just to think about what needs to be done.

On that note, it's time for prayer meeting, so I'll run along. Hope you are all doing better than we are and I look forward to the day when I can write that people are well.


Cool Beans said...

Prayin for ya

Jane T. said...

love you bunches!!!!!!!!

Mrs. RF said...

oh, my - we are praying for you all- and we send lots of love!

asaphat said...

Poor Mary! I offer the following in hopes that it may help.



Perspective is realizing your house hasn't burned to the ground.

Perspective is realizing that no one has died.

Perspective is realizing the cupboards could be bare.

Perspective is realizing all those things you have to get done are just going to burn anyway (you made that one up, if you recall.)

Perspective is remembering the Bible doesn't say "All things work together for misery and evil!"

Perspective is remembering that, hmmm, what is it that's sufficient for us??? Ruth? Mary? Paula? no, GRACE!!!

Chin up, friend!

AmySita said...

Poor Mary , just remember that in the Bible it always came to pass, it never stayed forever...LOL
love you bunches!!

DJ said...

Amen to all the others! Praying that you don't feel overwhelmed...