Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Little Princess

Rachel wins the day for cuteness. She has pulled out some great lines and funny actions. Not the least of which was this picture I caught of her eating snow. She wanted so badly to eat the snow, but alas, it makes her hands cold. So she came up with this bright idea.

Another cute thing she did today was this conversation

(Mom in the kitchen cooking. Rachel climbs up to the stove and turns towards Mama.)

Rachel : (bending low) Your maaaaaaajeeeeestyyyyyy!

mama: (laughs) You're priceless!

Rachel: (in an offended tone) I"m not Priceless. I'm Rachel.
Ahhh...yes, but she is priceless anyway.
She knows what modest means and regularly checks to see if her skirt is down. She loves to play house with her little playmobile people and her doll house. She is very particular about having all things pink. She loves to read aloud to herself even though she doesn't know how to read the real words. Quite the girly-girl, she more than makes up for her brothers boyishness.