Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thoughts on today

Ok, so some things I was reminded of today...

Communication is key. When you miscommunicate, communication is still the key.
Perceptions make reality and thus an accurate perception is necessary for accurate reality.
Life is hard, but God is able to grant grace to meet it and succeed.
There is time to do everything you need to get done (according to God's plan) and if it seems like something needs to happen and you can't do it, He can make a way.
Chest freezers are a pain to clean out.
I don't mind dogs in small doses. One of the guys I met with today about our house project had one and she was cute.
I can accomplish a lot when I a) Go to bed on time, b) eat right, c)exercise, d)have my devotions.
I love having a daughter. She came into the living room and said, "*Sigh* We need to clean this up." She began right away, only pausing long enough for Cinderella (her little doll) to get her work dress on.

Ok now for the go to bed part (not necessarily on time).

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Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm praying for you!