Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh Yeah...Happy New Year...

Ok, so this year rolled around almost without notice for me. I actually have not acknowleged it except to change my habitual '07 date to '08 what I need to write the date. It's just that it has been a bit busy around here.

Right now I have about 62 irons in the fire and all of them need immediate attention. The children are doing well, but energetic, in need of schooling and proper discipline and supervision. Then there is the idea that I'm suppose to be "keeping house". You know, general cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. I've also been trying to keep up with a regular exercise plan (which I'm doing ok on) and a diet (which went flying out the window when Jane donated a full grocery bag of dark chocolate to my cupboard). Actually, while I HATE the exercise, it makes me feel great the rest of the day, so if I can drag myself out of bed and do it, it works wonders. Then there is the house. We are suppose to move in about 4 weeks from now, but right now the water is turned off, I have no electricity in 2/3rds of the upstairs, the walls are missing from my son's bedroom, I have no tubs, toilets or sinks on the upper level, 2 rooms are missing parts of the floor, and I can't find the living room because it is buried under debris to go to the dumpster. Things are going along ok and I know it has to look worse before it can get better, but I REALLY hope we are almost done with the worst looking stage and things can improve from here. Some things are improving. Jeff and Joseph's room is almost finished. It needs one more coat of paint on the walls, a touch up spot on the ceiling, the fan installed and the blinds put back on and it's good to go. The floors (new oak hardwood flooring) are beautiful and the paint is looking good. His room is a green color. Rachel's room is getting there. Everything in there needs another coat of paint, and some will probably need two coats. We had to remud some areas in her room where the paint actually didn't even stick to the wall! But the floors in her room are also done. Oh, I guess both rooms need baseboards, but that seems simple. So it's moving in the right direction. I spend every spare minute up there and then some. My not spare minutes are usually used to double up on tasks like making lunch, washing dishes, and trying to organize some sort of schooling for the boys all at the same time. And hold Joseph.

(I know this isn't a great picture of the "green room" but you'll just have to take what you can get!)

Ok, so that's what's going on. Busy! If anyone gets bored and wants something to do, we will put you to work! But if that means that by working you wouldn't want to come visit us ever again because we "wore you slap out", then you are welcome to stay away and come when we can entertain instead.

Now it's bedtime. Goodnight.

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