Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cute remarks

Well, I was going to post a bunch of pictures so all you wonderful people could see how much fun we had last week, but alas, my camera is on the blink and will not come on for me to download the pics to the computer, so until some intelligent person figures this machinery out, you're out of luck.

Instead, I will let you in on a few little comments that the children made recently that I found amusing.

James looked at me across the picnic table this last week and after seeing a bug said, "Mama! We have vermin!" I discovered later that he learned this from his Dad. I'm not sure I like all these new words...one day I found Brandon trying to prompt him with another saying to go along with a little hand motion. James was rubbing his hands together and laughing an evil laugh and Brandon told him to say: "Ha ha ha! I am Joseph Stalin!" ....Just so you know where he got it.

Jonathon is moving in a more spiritual direction however. This past week while at the lake, one night he lay in his bed trying to sleep when someone began to shoot fireworks right outside. He got scared and I told him to ask Jesus to help him not be scared. Well, as soon as I left, a huge firework went off with multiple rounds and I was sure this would scare him more, so I rushed back to reassure him. He looked at me and said, "It's ok, Mama. I prayed to Jesus and He is helping me not be scared." WHooooooo hoooo!

Yesterday, Jonathon was building with blocks in Jeff's room and I went to see the progress. He pointed to one structure, "This is Ninevah." And then pointed to another structure, "This is a mountain. It's Jerusalem. The people are going from Jerusalem to Ninevah." Then, this morning he claimed he was building, "the city of Jehovah". At least he's getting something out of Bible reading.

Ok, Rachel has reached her limit of computer bonding for the evening, so I'll leave you now.


Mrs. RF said...

Welcome back by the way! So nice to hear all the cheery boy noises.

DJ said...

Wow, a Stalin in our midst. I shall make sure to keep my secret service agents out of his reach...

TripleNine said...

Go Brandywine! If you train him up now, no telling what the future will hold for him. Just try to make him a little nicer than the last one.