Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Squirrel and stuff

For those of you who were attempting to hold me to my word on a post yesterday regarding this squirrel, my apologies. But I'll give you the details today.

Toria actually found the thing, but I think she was hesitant to remove it herself. When I saw the poor creature, he was about twice his normal size, very wet, and was stinking up the hallway! I will comfort Diane R. by saying that this squirrel was not found in her apartment, though perhaps it was the culprit who stole her candy last week and thus has reached an end it fully deserved!

Ok, so the squirrel was found....drowned in the toilet! UGG!!! That would be bathroom three of the women's quarters in the main house. He was as stiff as concrete when Brandon removed him to a more appropriate location and oozing stuff into the toilet water. It was gross! Of course, the boys really enjoyed seeing the sight. While Brandon was trying to figure out how to remove it from the water, he mentioned using my hot dog tongs. For those of you who occasionally dine at our house, I am happy to report that my hotdog tongs stayed safely hidden in the drawer and he used some pliers instead. The squirrel is now buried ( in the most liberal way possible) in the woods somewhere nearby and stinking up some other creatures abode no doubt. I'm thankful it's out of the house though!

This squirrel reminded me of another we found when we had been here for about a year. We have a stash of stuff in the attic that I occasionally dig through to find some long lost item that I want. One day, I was moving some things around and discovered that some staple goods we had moved from GA had been stuck in the attic, only all that was left was the box and the plastic bags. Later we found the contents stuffed into various items for storage- like split peas in the ice skates...haha.

Ok, so anyway, another time I actually found the squirrel- dead for some time. You see we had this plastic that goes over a table to protect the surface. It's clear plastic and it was in the attic, rolled up and standing up next to our stuff. One day Brandon went up there to look for something and lo and behold, a squirrel had gotten into the middle of the plastic roll, but alas, it was too slick for the creature to clumb back out, so there he was- dead as a dodo- inside the roll, about halfway up, with is paws and legs spread out and plastered to the sides as if he had been holding on to that spot for his life hoping he could inch up a bit more after he got his breath- only I guess he never did.

Ah well, if those rodents would just find their own house and leave ours alone, they wouldn't get into these predicaments!

Also for today's blog- our family went to Adam's playground for the morning. It was a great excursion and I'm happy to report that it was much more successful that our last attempt to go to the playground. The last time was a couple of months ago and when we arrived the playground was missing. I am not making this up- the entire playground was just a big parking lot! Well, they relocated the playground and got new equipment for it. Now it's next to the pool (where there was a swim meet happening for youngsters- quite fascinating) and there are tons of slides and climbing things as well as some shady areas and picnic tables for the old folks. There are also some great swings. So, we had a jolly time there, at an early lunch and came home in time for naps. Whooo hooo!

Naps....ahhhh....Happy Sabbath to me!


Jane T. said...

EWWWWWW!!!! The poor things. :( It is amazing what those guys can get into!
I am glad Adam's playground is finally back. Happy Sabbath.

DJ said...

I have to say, that really is disgusting! And I'm very glad your tongs were spared.

IF dogs and cats can go to heaven, then I think there should be a special place for stupid squirrels in the Other Place..

kate said...

That was DISGUSTING miss Mary! Yuck, yuck, yuck!

But I hope you had a lovely Sabbath! We did down here. Tomorrow I am going over to spend the day with your Aunt Bertha. Which reminds me, I still haven't figured out what her relationship to your family is. Jane or Amy tried to explain it to me, but they seemed rather confused themselves.

maldrich said...

Aaaah, good ole Aunt Bertha. Bertha Florine Turner- unmarried English teacher, 102 yrs next month, to be exact. She's Roy, Blake, and Rosa Lou's baby sister. Roy was my great- grandfather. And just in case you like odd old names, Roy married "Eddie Claude MacDonald"- who was a female, in case you were in doubt.

melbrown said...

Yay for old southern names, like my great-grandmother Clyde.

I'm feeling slightly claustrophobic and panicky after reading this post...I'm glad I'm not a squirrel.

p.s. "Dead as a dodo!" Huzzah!

TripleNine said...

I'm glad that you at least got rid of it. Some one I know has had a dead mouse stuck halfway between his ceiling and the outside roof for quite some time and it is still there. That's nasty.

Diane T. said...

Thats nothing compared to the snake we foun in our bathroom 2 or 3 years back. I still can't go in there without being a little bit nervous

Jane T. said...

I think when comparing rodents and reptiles, the mouse definitely takes the cake..err..cheese?(I dunno Besides there has not been a snake in our bathroom for years. Further more, it was only a baby snake and it was not even poisonous. You even held it! The mouse is still there. Yuck!

Amyseta said...

don't be such a whimp Daine that was nothing to the snake we found (it was about 3-4 inches long) that vomited up Four slugs when we put him in a jar.

asaphat said...

I laughed so much! I was going to post a cackling comment about "dead as a dodo" but I see melbrown beat me to it. But your description of the squirrel in the plastic tube reminded me completely of the rodent in Ice Age. It sounded exactly like him! Was there a single acorn trapped in the plastic?