Monday, July 18, 2005

We're Back

Our family (minus Brandon- who stayed behind) is now back from our little vacation. We had a lovely week at a little lake front cabin up in Maine. The weather was perfect. It was hot enough to swim each day and be comfortable in the water and yet cool enough to sleep at night. Since I grew up swimming in water the same temperature as bath water, this was a huge plus to me. It wasn't bath temp, but it was refreshing and warm enough that I didn't have to shiver.

The boys really enjoyed the water and played on a beach type area next door for most of the time. We also watched lots of movies and played with cars and trucks. Many thanks to the generous individuals that let us use their property! I'll try to have some pics up soon.

I also think the length of time we stayed was perfect. The children had a great time and it wasn't until Saturday that Jonathon said, "I don't want to live at this house anymore." I'm glad he enjoys home enough to want to go back!

Ok, in honor of it being 6 am and my failing attempts to communicate, I'm leaving anymore comments for a later time when I might sound a bit more interesting. As of now I have the distinct feeling that I was hit by a mack truck! Good day to you all.


Diane T. said...

I've dicided i like it up there to. After we spent the entire morning and afternoon orginizeing the game closet. (sigh) We're still not done. Threr wasn't even a break from 1:00-4:15.

DJ said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to more blogs...