Thursday, July 28, 2005

Funny Stories and Amusing Situations

Jonathon fixed me "breakfast" in the sand box this morning. What looked like a leaf with sand on it was actually "bacon with gum and baking powder"!? And then he pulled up a bucket of sand and asked me if I wanted "chocolate eggs"? I'm encouraged to know he will have some creativity in the kitchen, but I hope I can stomach his creations!

Anybody need a door shut? Let me send Jeff to your home. Recently, he has had a major obsession for closing doors. There is one door that he particularly loves- Jonathon's bedroom door. That's because he can slam it and it bounces back open. So, much to his delight, he slams it over and over and over and over. Ahhhh....I'm praying for all the little fingers nearby.

Ok, so anyone know what to do first one moment you have two children fighting in the sand box, one child in the living room fussing because he's sick, and one child nursing up in the office?

or how about: one child half way through changing a dirty diaper, one child sitting waiting for his turn, one little girl screaming because it's time to eat, one cheesecake dripping in the oven, and one very loud fire alarm going off?

Or another: one stinky pants, one child needs to wake up from a 4 hour nap or he won't sleep, one child standing at the stove eatting the cooked carrots out of the dish with his hands because he's too hungry to wait for dinner, one phone call in which the phone dies in the middle of the conversation, and one ring of the doorbell, oh, and one child being held who needs to be put down for a nap?

These are just a few actual examples of predicaments of late. Being a mom is fun, but it sure is busy.

of course, there are the happy relaxed moments Jonathon teaching Jeff how to jump in puddles and the two of them having a blast for a good long while, James going to get the mail with Daddy and coming back standing just a little taller because he was "helpful", Jeff eatting zucchini by the handful just because he likes it, Rachel smiling everytime Brandon talks about oil prices (don't ask me why it's oil...but other subjects do not get the same reaction), and many other things.

Oh, one last story before I go back to mom duty. The other day I took Jonathon and Rachel for a walk and Jonathon said he wanted to "go up the hill and see those people" (visit Fairview residents- several elderly individuals). On the way up he aske about Mrs. Hansen who is recovering from surgery due to cancer she is fighting. I told him that she was sick and then had to elaborate by saying that she had "a bug inside her that made her feel icky" Well, apparently Jonathon latched on to that idea because when we arrived at Fairview and visited Mrs. Jewell, Jonathon looked at her and asked, "Do you have a bug that makes you look yucky?" Hehe, she laughed and laughed and thought it was so funny. Of course I laughed too. Then we had a nice little talk about older people and how they have wrinkles and it's ok. He had been pointing to her forehead when he asked the question.

Ok, that's all for today. I hope to have some pictures soon- If I get on the ball, perhaps they will be here before we head to GA next week.

Oh, oh, oh, I forgot to tell you...Brandon got to remove a dead squirell from the house today. Guess where it was and what happened to it???? Hahaha, I'll tell you tomorrow.


DJ said...

Wow. I'm glad I'm not a mother. And I'm sure many other people are glad too :) I am looking forward to the squirrel story. I have a squirrel vendetta, so anytime one dies, i like the details...

melbrown said...

Great tales, Mary!!! Oh my word, I'm glad Mrs. Jewell has such a good sense of humor... that was hilarious. I love that kid (Jonathon, that is...). And I love you too, for that matter!

TripleNine said...

You almost make me miss living at Fairwood. Glad that you have a blog to tell us all about it though.

asaphat said...

Hahahaha...a bug that makes you look yucky! Truly priceless!

(to other elderly people: "So what's your excuse?")