Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bugs, Babies, Breath takers, and and BOYS!

First, the breath takers. I gasp and close my eyes often over this one. I want to comment on the picture I uploaded, since I didn't actually explain anything in the caption box. This is BABY Jeff taking a trip down the slide. It's not his first trip and probably is more than his 50th too. He has no fear- just climbs right up, sits down and slides- provided there is someone at the bottom to catch him. A few times he has gotten to the top and sat there for a while waiting for some innocent bystander to waltz by and claim for his landing pad. He really enjoys this trick. The terrifying thing is that he's only 17 months old and he also slides down at about 75mph! One day he'll be a little more cautious, but I don't want to see what happens to encourage his caution!

Ok, so back to the subjects at hand...bugs! I think New Hampshire would be the ideal place if it weren't for insects. In fact, I think most places in the world could fall into that category- ideal if there were no insects! But really! These flies have got to go! They get stuck everywhere and leave little blood clots on my sons' heads, making them look much like products of a refugee camp with lice. I've decided that perhaps God sent insects with the curse, He didn't create them to begin with, only later so man would have to work and slap and work and swat. Just to work would be too easy! Anyway, they're out in full force these days.

As far as babies goes... Rachel is turning out to be a pretty good baby. After a week, we've decided we'll keep her. (There really isn't a return policy anyway.) Besides, Jonathon proclaimed her, "The BEST BABY IN THE WORLD!" the other night, so it's settled. Any of you who thought yours had that title have just been knocked down a notch.

And last- BOYS! Do you know they are very gross?? I mean just dirty and disgusting, especially after they've poured dirt on themselves and run around and buried the top of their head in the sand, and let bugs crawl on them, and run through pine sap with bare feet, and pick their nose- ewwww! How do we ever stand them? Ok, because the look cute after they've had their bath and are sleeping peacefully in their beds. Seriously though, I'm not sure they realize just how much love I have in order to be able to stand them when they look, smell, and feel like they came out of the ground three days ago, rolled in a puddle, and then ran around in the hot humid weather for a while to dry off!

It also takes a lot of love to accept that Jonathon (4) really does just want to have his breakfast in bed. He was up stealing food again early this morning. This had been an ongoing problem that we thought was coming to a close. Well, today he chose a nice large bag of pistachios and three snack size bags of M&Ms for part of his nutritious breakfast. I suppose that wasn't as bad as the morning that he mixed heavy cream and OJ, drank that and then topped it off with an entire pint of strawberries, nevertheless, it was discouraging to find it under his pillow. (I know the toothfairy didn't bring him pistachios!)

In defense of James (2 1/2) , since I haven't written anything about him yet, I must explain. He just talks. It's funny and we laugh and enjoy listening...about 7% of the time. But that is what he does right talk, and talk and understand. I would write down something that he says except I can't remember one thing for all the others that he says before I can process the first one. I'll try to pick something out of the auctioneer type running monologue that he does all day and share it with you, but it will be difficult.


Eva said...


Just wait until she looks like the boys do and is less scared of the bugs than they are!!! Can you guess how I can say this?

Mrs. RF said...

I "enjoyed" quite a few mintues of James talking last evening! He sat down quite comfortably in the lounge chair next to mine - it took him several mintutes to find just the right position on the chair-, then he just laid back and talked! And Talked! And Talked! It was fun! He seemed to think he needed "coffee" and a telephone on the table beside him to make the picture complete. I even learned that the TV antenae's were flying. Fascinating!