Thursday, June 30, 2005

Touching moments, terrible memories, and traumatizing musings

Several things have happened over the last couple of days that I wish to share, unfortunately time is precious these days and I find that blogging is not the top priority and when I have opportunity, I only have one hand to type with usually and I hate typing one-handed. Of course, right this second I have time and I’m wasting it by all this nonsense I’ve just mentioned when I could be writing something worthwhile, so I’ll leap into my several stories of worth.

Jonathon yesterday was told by Brandon to go get some pants from upstairs to change into. Jonathon whined and said, “I want help, I’m scared.” Brandon replied that he would help and Jonathon said, “No, I don’t want your help, Jesus will help me.” Then as Jonathon went up the dark stairs, Brandon overheard him praying, “Dear Jesus, please help me get my pants…ok *sigh* Amen.”

I wish I remembered to come to Jesus more often with those little needs before they got to be big issues!

This week has been VERY wet and Brandon has been having to cut the grass anyway. A couple of times he has come in sopping wet declaring that it is raining so hard that even though he was willing to cut in the rain, the grass simply won’t cut. When he came in yesterday completely drenched he reminded me of a picture: Remember the llama in “The Emperor’s New Groove”, sitting in the middle of the woods in the rain? Brandon looked just like that- ears and all! J If you haven’t seen it, or you can’t remember what I’m talking about, you should watch it just for a good laugh at the comparrison!

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Ruth told me today: Mary, I wish you were pregnant again.

My thoughts:

I had some other things to write, but that last one traumatized me so much that I forgot all the other interesting things I was going to share. If I remember them later, I’ll try to fill you in.


DJ said...

You should have fired right back "Same to you, but with triplets". That is what I would say if someone came up to me and told me they wished I was pregnant...

maldrich said...

Now THAT would be an amusing sight!

Diane T. said...

I wouldn't mind a bit if you had another kid. Great idea Ruth!!