Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Watch out! I'll call you Ned!

This post is in honor of the lovely weather we've been having recently. Haha! (Sweat, sweat!)
In our house we have a book called "Snow!" It goes through the more interesting parts of winter activity on a preschool level, describing how much fun snow can be. You can eat snow, throw it, ski on it, and make igloos. Most importantly, you can make snowmen! In the book, these two children make a snowman and declare that he will be called, "Ned, but first he has to have a head." (I forgot to tell you the book rhymes.) Anyway, for some unexplainable reason Jonathon and James picked up on the name Ned and have decided that that was quite the evil put down. They cackle with a sinister sneer on their faces and then insult the other saying, "I'll call you NED!" Ooooooooh, stand back! Beware! I'm not sure what being called Ned results in, but it must be terrible.

So, this morning James jumped up on Brandon, on THE bed, sat on him and declared, "You're Ned!" Brandon didn't suddenly turn into and ogre, but I'm sure that given a few days, something odd will pop up in his character and it will all be because he's now NED!


TripleNine said...

hahahahaha. nice emphasis.

melbrown said...

I've known for some time now that Brandon was a Ned... all I needed was the confirmation.

Glad the bed is still intact, by the way...

brilynne said...

I've always wondered where kids get the ideas that certain things are bad. For some reason Aaron and I always counted the door mouse as one of the evil ones.

kate said...

It's got to be the sound of the word. My Aunt Robin used the French word for "nineteen" to insult her ignorant brother. "Deez nuuf" does sound rather nasty, when you think about it.
Personally, I think "bathtub" in Hebrew has a satisfactorily derogatory ring. Just make sure there's a little sneer in your voice when you say "AmBATya!"


kate said...

Did you get the fact that "lisa" published the last comment? Sigh. I DO have a brain!