Thursday, June 02, 2005

Insights into a 4 year old's brain

Today I have had the privilege of obtaining a more detailed glimpse into what goes on in Jonathon's mind. He is learning to really think about things and make logical conclusions. I'll share two examples of his hard working thoughts.

First, this morning, Brandon was interacting with Jonathon and some how managed to cross his will. Normally, when his will is crossed, an immediate reaction occurs. Usually this reaction includes a drastic increase in volume level and pitch, sudden and spastic movements, new and interesting wrinkles and muscle exercise on the face, and general unpleasantness on behalf of the younger participant. This time he merely screwed up his face in a disgusted scowl and said, "Daddy, I'm going to say bad words to you!"

This is a prime example of a child realizing that what he is about to do is wrong and yet the flesh is strong enough to cause him to do it anyway. ...And people say they are born good....hmmm...

The second incident today involves naptime. Lately Jonathon has been having "quiet time" more frequently- a time to read books and be quiet in his room. However, today he was extra fussy this morning, so he was asked to take a nap instead. This is not an unusual request and he is familiar with the routine. He knows he is to stay on his bed and not get up until the "first number is a three" on his clock. We posted the time on the wall above the clock long ago so he would be able to recognize it and know when to come out of his room. He usually does this very well and today was especially smart.

You see, at exactly 1:27pm by my clock, he came out of his room dressed to play outside- sandals and all. He ran into my room with a look of glee spread about his face and a bit of excitement in his step. When he reached my bed where I was resting, he proclaimed, "Mama, the first number is a three!! My clock has a three! I can go outside and play now!"

I glanced again at my clock thinking perhaps he was looking at the second number instead, but as it was not yet 1:30, that logic failed. So I suggested we return to his room and look at his clock. We arrived to find that his clock did in fact have a three as the first number. The time read: 3:28pm. I quickly deduced that without any help from me, this child had reset his clock to the appropriate time for departing the dreaded room. I asked him if he had set his clock and he reluctantly confessed, went back to his bed, removed his sandals and resumed his nap. Smart little kid...too smart.

Two other side notes- we keep a can on his doorknob sometimes so we know if he's trying to sneak out. This week he figured out how to carefully open the door and remove the can before it hits the floor!

And second, lest you sensitive ones feel sorry for him that he had to continue his nap, he enjoyed watching Brandon cut the grass outside his window for a while. I know this because Brandon reported that on the first couple of rounds up and down the front lawn he saw Jonathon sitting at his window, elbows on the sill with his chin in his hands. The next round, Brandon noticed he was propped up on one elbow. A couple of rounds later, he was rubbing his eyes instead of propped up on his elbows. The next round he was yawning and rubbing his face. Finally, Brandon made a round and Jonathon was no longer in the window...asleep at last. Hopefully he'll still be in a good mood when he wakes up later.


DJ said...

Thankgoodness the naughtyness of childhood can turn into the brilliance of adulthood. Good luck until then...

TripleNine said...

Love the trick with the clock. I noticed that Brandon had to reset it Sunday and wondered why. Now I know. Kids sure are great when they aren't yours.