Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sleeping Like a Baby

I've decided that there are two ways of looking at this particular statement. The first refers to the nighttime routine in which case, babiness has very little to do with sleeping! I read a comment recently that stated, "Anyone who says they slept like a baby, must not have one!"

This baby, like many others came into the world with a desire to party at night. She wants to be awake, active, wiggling, and by the way, "can we please have the light on too?" The first night was understandable, she was new to this and was getting familiar with her surroundings. The second night she had the grand tour of the hallways and byways of our living quarters and a more detailed look into the fine interior design efforts in her father's office. After about five hours of touring and question/answer sessions (I questioned: Why won't you sleep?, She answered: Whaaa!), she finally drifted into a peaceful slumber just as light was dawning! This particular night, I think she's just so desirous to see her mother's beautiful face that she can't stand to let her eyelids cover such a grand site... or maybe it has more to do with the other side of "sleeping like a baby" that occurred earlier today.

Definition of sleeping like a baby no.2: to be in such a state of deep slumber that even a band of wild Indians carrying cymbals and dancing on your forehead would not cause the slightest twitch from any part of your body.

During the day, for most of the morning, this was the state of our little one. Wouldn't it be grand if there were times when we, as adults, could sleep soundly through things such as: changing clothes, relocating ourselves in a room, having cold water splashed in our face, being poked, prodded, and tickled continuously for half an hour, and many other wakeful interruptions? Or better yet, perhaps our abilities in this area could actually improve with age, not unlike our abilities to brush our teeth correctly do! Perhaps then, we could achieve the level of super sleepdom and perform such feats as cooking breakfast while still remaining completely unconscious. Come to think of it, I'm sure I've actually been in this situation before, but maybe I could perfect the habit, so that I feel rested afterwards! Anyway, sleeping like a baby from this perspective leaves signs such as, "Do not Disturb" without a real place in life and we certainly don't want to put the signs out of business!

Well, looks like the baby has decided to take a snooze, so I'm off to practice the new techniques of sleeping like one myself, preferably the second definition...



Mrs. RF said...

I am enjoying your blog already! She is so precious!

Ellie (alias MrsRF)

DJ said...

Whoohoo! Another convert to the darkside! Our power is growing...