Thursday, June 09, 2005

James' Monologue

As promised, I tried to catch a conversation with James and record it on paper so I could share it with you and give you an idea of his verbal overload. Someone suggested I have his talk on a phone, but that's way to technical for me. I plead incompetence. Sorry.

Anyway, here is a brief script of what James said about five minutes. This was immediately after he woke up from his nap. The scene is Brandon, James and I sitting at our dining room table. I'm writing furiously, Brandon is having an afternoon snack, and I offered James an afternoon snack also. He's having a mango-strawberry smoothie and a slice of banana bread. So, to make things more complicated, the entire conversation was completed WITH food in his mouth! Here goes:

James: The bread tastes like candy. It tastes like candy. All the kids can't have some right now. I have all of it. I have big stuff. I have a big stuff. Mama, I have a big stuff.

Mama: Uh huh.

James: I have a big one. I have a big one. Just like Daddy is. (referring to Daddy's smoothie) I have straight arms. I can drive to town. I can keep this arm, then I can paint.
(slurping noises) Mama, do you hear me wiggling?

Mama: Yeah.

James: I like your stuff. I like it. It's like candy. (smoothie) This is not for kids. (bread) (more slurping) Do you hear me wiggling fast, Daddy?

Daddy: m-hmm.

James: That's silly. Jonathon went to town. I couldn't find him. There's something in my room
A big thing in my room. I told it to wake up. I told Jonathon to wake up.
(change of subject, with no long pauses) I have a big plate. I have a big plate just like you. (slurp) This is not all gone. (smoothie) I'm gonna take this out (straw)- I put the straw right there. Right there. (drank the last of the smoothie) Daddy, see, it's all gone. It's all gone. I wanted to wake up. So, where's Aunt Diane? (referring to Diane Turner)

Mama: She's working.

James: Oh, I see her working. (she was not in the room) (Bird noise) Oh, I hear a bird in here. Can you kick it outside so it won't eat my food. (there is no food left on the plate at this point) I woke up so I can play. I'm going outside to play. (get's down while talking) I'm going outside to play with the shovel. I'm going outside to play with the blue shovel. (at the door and going out)

Daddy: ok

James: (Now outside with the door shutting behind him, walking away still talking) Hey Daddy, I like the lawn mower. I like it..... (Door shuts and he's gone.)

So there you have it. James in a nutshell. Just multiply this conversation times about 100 and you have what he does all the time. Ok, sometimes he does other things, but when he can, he talks.


melbrown said...

AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Oh my word... I guess I've been away too long; I can't believe I'm missing all this. The boy is incredible.

You definitely missed your calling as a stenographer, Mary-- I'm so impressed that you got all that down. And Brandon, I guess there's no fear of ennui making its way into your home...

DJ said...

Wow! Is he born to be a salesman or politician or what!?!? That boy can TALK...

TripleNine said...

So which is worse the monologue or the repeated single word? Wesley, Wesley,Wesley....Almost makes me glad I only am over on weekends.

theharmonyguy said...

Hey Mary - this is Joey, the guy at Calvary that I'm sure you've heard your sisters mention. :) Amy told me about your blog this morning, and I'm glad she did - I've already enjoyed reading it! Hope y'all are doing well up there and tell the Turners with you I said hey!